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Rolling With It

At this point, we are all experiencing gaps in the supply chain. Whether it be unavailable saltines or critical components to our business, we have all felt it at some point. I have communicated before that we are having difficulties getting everything from lye to clays or facing skyrocketing price increases. However, we have constantly just rolled with whatever is thrown our way. Our most recent experience has been our inability to obtain boxes for our soap.

We have been without boxes for several weeks, and we were beginning to squirm just a bit. Our finished rack is uncomfortably low, our drying rack is uncomfortably full, and we did not see any light for boxes at the end of the tunnel. Our little go-to company could not fulfill our order, and we were left scrambling. We finally found a company that met our criteria and was easy to work with; you would be surprised how hard that is to find. Once the production was complete, it was then a waiting game for delivery. We were on pins and needles.

Finally, yesterday, the new boxes were delivered. I thought The Bibbed Wonder would kiss the delivery person when he got out of his truck. Luckily, he refrained. We could not be happier with the new boxes. They are of excellent quality and will shave a few steps off our workload. Now that the boxes have arrived, we will spend days boxing and labeling. It will feel good to see the finished rack fill and know that we can fulfill our commitment to provide quick, quality service.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, roll with whatever comes your way, and keep washing your hands.

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