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Saturday Is The Start Of The Market Season

It is hard to believe, dear reader, but this Saturday is the opening day of the Ligonier Country Market. It feels like time has flown by, and here we are again, marking the beginning of our summer season. I face the start of the market season with a mixture of feelings. Of course, I am excited. I love Ligonier Country Market. I love seeing all my vendor friends and catching up on what has happened in their lives over the winter. I adore seeing our regular soap family. I have come to look forward to seeing friendly, familiar faces who have become friends. I also look forward to making new connections. We have met many wonderful people through our experience at the Ligonier Country Market.

Of course, there is also a not-so-shiny side to the market season. The fact that we will once again rise before dawn every Saturday from now until October isn’t sounding like a lot of fun right now. If I’m being transparent, the market season is exhausting. We will spend every Friday preparing for the market, and every Saturday will be spent at the market. It’s a rather rigorous schedule. I know, how bad can four hours be, right? The fact is, it’s not bad at all. It’s just tiring. It will be fine once we get into the market season groove. It’s just the thought of getting up at 3 a.m. that is cringeworthy. My only complaint about the market is the wake-up time and losing every Saturday. In the grand scheme of things, those are very minor complaints.

This year, we will have a new spot. I made a mistake when registering for the market. I accidentally checked off and paid for a premium corner spot. You can find us on the same row as last year, just a few places down. Our site number is PC18. With a corner spot, we will have to develop a new setup. I think we will put our tables out front in an L shape. I prefer a corner spot, but I will be further away from my friends. However, I won’t be so far from them that I can’t see them or step out to chat with them for a bit.

Also, this year, my bean will be helping us at the market rather than working at the children’s corner. This choice was difficult, but we feel it is best for now. I’m looking forward to working with my little buddy again. She makes everything better and more interesting…mostly. There is that little black rain cloud persona she takes on rather frequently…sigh. It should be a good year.

This year, the Ligonier Country Market will be bigger and better than ever. It is worth the effort if you are looking for something to do on a Saturday morning. You will find a wide variety of quality vendors, amazing food, friendly people, and a convenient opportunity to support small local businesses. The traffic can be a bit much, but patience and planning make it an excellent way to experience a “farm girl summer.” If you are driving a distance, make sure to download a “farm girl summer” playlist. We may have a farm girl summer playlist playing in our tent since my now fourteen-year-old will be working with us. The Bean believes everything is better with music; I feel she is not wrong.

The Bibbed Wonder and I are working on our seasonal soaps in preparation for the market season. Our new creations, Vanilla Bean Dream and Summer Storm, are on the drying rack. I am thrilled with how they turned out. The Bean and her BFF Raylee give Vanilla Bean Dream five stars. Considering they are fourteen and a tough audience, I will take this as a win. Summer Storm is lovely and smells like the fresh country air after a thunderstorm. Summer Storm is scented with lavender essential oil and an ocean air natural fragrance oil. I hope our soap family likes it as much as I do.

Today, we are working on our new creation; You Are My Sunshine. You Are My Sunshine is a soap inspired by my favorite human bean. It will feature a bright orange and yellow sun in a white soap with gold glitter on top. You Are My Sunshine is a blend of clean linen and fresh lemon. Jordan loves the smell of clean, fresh laundry, so this soap is for her. We are also creating a new soap for Father’s Day. Our Father’s Day soap is inspired by smart, sexy people who love books. The scent blends leather, rosewood, and a hint of old books. Trust me; it is awe-worthy. I can’t wait to use this soap myself.

We will open our Ligonier Country Market with our wildly popular Honeysuckle soap and moisturizer. Our Lilac Vanilla will also be available. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. If you are looking for a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, come see us from 8 a.m. to noon at the Watershed Park in Ligonier. You can find us at site PC18 on the corner. Come early, come hungry, and bring a smile.

On this lovely spring day, stay safe, be smart, make plans to join us at the Ligonier Country Market, and keep washing your hands.

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