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Shaker Woods Costumes 101

One of the rules to participate in The Shaker Woods Festival is all vendors must dress the part. Back in the day, costumes were authentically Shaker style. However, in 2022 the rules are a bit more relaxed. Women can get away with a long maxi skirt and a blouse. However, men are somewhat limited in their Shaker options. Regarding men’s dress, there is to be no blue denim. For one bib overall wearing wonder buns, this poses a problem.

Several years ago, I bought The Bibbed Wonder black denim Carhartt bib overalls. He kept these bibs for special occasions such as casual weddings or parties. However, as time takes its toll on the human body, my little bibbed buddy “outgrew” his black bibs. I didn’t purchase any more black bibs for him because he thought they were unnecessary. Fast forward to 2022, when there is a shortage of just about everything, black bibs are now needed. My bib overall wearing buddy was in a bit of a twist. He was quite fearful he would be stuck wearing regular pants…egads!

Enter one, Dr. Janet Walker. Dr. Walker is Eric’s absolute favorite professor from his college days. When Dr. Walker was in charge of student teaching, she was also expecting a baby. When Abby Jordan Walker made her entrance into the world, GramBarb knitted a sweater set for her. Over the years, Eric and Dr. Walker have remained in touch. We have attended Abby’s high school musical performances, and now, Abby helps us out in the soap studio during her college break. Jordan holds Abby in high regard because they share a name and a love for theater. Although, I feel Abby has fallen from grace a bit because she doesn’t jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon with my bean. However, I digress.

Who knew that a mathematical genius college professor was also a skilled seamstress? Dr. Walker generously volunteered to make our outfits for Shaker Woods. She made a pattern using an old sheet, brought it out, and had The Bibbed Wonder try on the prototype bib overalls. They worked together, tweaked the sizing and pattern, and came up with a plan. Last Tuesday, Dr. Walker and Eric went to an Amish fabric store and bought black fabric for the custom-made bibs. On Monday, Dr. Walker brought out the bibs she had created. They weren’t quite finished, but she wanted to size them correctly and take additional notes on what Eric wanted regarding pockets. Eric could not be more thrilled with his bibs. He commented that perhaps he would have to make the switch from denim Carhartts to Dr. Walker’s custom bibs.

We are so grateful for the good people we have in our lives. Kindness and support for what we are doing are plentiful and appreciated. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Eric is thrilled he doesn’t have to resort to wearing pants. Dr. Walker and I are conspiring over a puffy-sleeved blouse for him to wear under these custom-made bibs. I’m not sure if he will look like a shaker or a bib overall wearing pirate. Either way, I’m sure we will get a good laugh out of it.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, appreciate all forms of support, and keep washing your hands.

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