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Simple Times

Here at the farm, we have taken living simply to a whole new level. Not only are we dressing “Shaker-ish” for The Shaker Woods Festival in Columbiana, Ohio, but we are once again without internet. We are now going on week number two without internet service. That dear reader is the reason for the silence on the blog posts. My technology wizard hubby can set up a hot spot on his phone to quickly check orders, print packing labels, and shoot out a quick email when necessary, but the service is limited and slow.

Until our service is restored, fingers crossed, it should be next week. We will only be communicating what is absolutely necessary. I have plans to blog from the hotel in Ohio and schedule posts for the week, but I make no promises. Dressing like a Shaker, peddling my wares for eight hours, and writing a week’s worth of blogs in an evening is sure to test my creative limits, but I promise I will give it a good try. Until we once again join the twenty-first century, stay safe, be smart, and keep washing your hands.

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