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Bad habits are hard to break. When trying to break a bad habit, it is difficult to maintain ones focus and momentum. I am now ten days into my thirty-day skin care challenge. I will honestly report that I have slipped twice. The night we were without water, I failed to wash my face and moisturize before going to bed. Heating water on the stove for the sake of vanity and hygiene just seemed like too much effort. As I write this blog, I am sitting here with yesterday’s make up still smudged on my eye lids. I am embarrassed to admit, I stayed up to watch the presidential debate foregoing common sense, a good night’s sleep, and good skin care practices. The Bibbed Wonder compares politics to the WWF’s professional wrestling antics and I must admit, he is not off mark. I was waiting for someone to get slammed over the head with a metal fold-up chair or a full body aerial attack but they refrained…barely.

However, back to my skin care challenge. I am pleasantly surprised by the results of a skincare routine thus far. I have been washing morning and night with my rose clay facial bar. I have also been moisturizing morning and night with my facial moisturizer. I too have been using the rose clay mask once a week…tonight will be my second weekly attempt. With the use of these three products, I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. My face is much softer, feels smooth, and appears a bit brighter. I am also noticing a reduction in pore size. As for fine lines, perhaps just a bit of an improvement around my eyes. I feel like when I wear a mask, my lines and wrinkles are accentuated. Overall, I report positive subtle changes in the appearance of my skin as well as, noticeable changes in the feeling and texture of my skin.

Only twenty more days to go! I am hoping by the end of the thirty days washing and moisturizing before bed becomes second nature. However, realistically it will be like eating cookies. I swear off all sugar and cookies for months and then fall off the proverbial wagon and devour half a dozen Keebler Fudge Stripes in a day. The Bibbed Wonder claims I am merely offering job security to the Keebler elves. Sometimes, his humorous attempts secretly make me giggle but I staunchly give him the stink eye and a time out for good measure. If I were to give that man an inch with wise cracks and humor, he would indeed take a mile. However, know dear reader his humor is not wasted on me.

As for a weekly segment on our YouTube channel, I have not mustered the nerve to wash my face, use the mask, or appear in front of anyone other than The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean without make-up. Not only am I not impressed with my appearance on camera, I too hate the sound of my own voice. It is somewhere between Roseann, Snow White, and a hamster. I definitely was not gifted with a deep, smoky, sensual voice. The Bibbed Wonder often tells me I am cute when I am angry…which only infuriates me more. This is usually because my voice reaches a child like pitch that gives the original Snow White serious competition. Alas, Angie Harmon I am not. I am working on my stage fright but it may take a bit.

If you too are giving yourself a thirty-day skin care challenge, I would love to hear about your results. I plan to do weekly updates and hopefully, appear live at some point. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, take good care of your skin because you won’t get another one, and of course, wash your hands.

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