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Spring At The Farm

We are excitedly planning our springtime event here at the farm. Finally, a date has been settled upon, emails and messages went out to our friends and market family, and confirmations are being returned. It is exciting to think about seeing everyone we enjoy. We had such a positive response to our fall event that we have expanded our invitation list and hope to offer even more variety to our shoppers.

Mark it on your calendar; Spring At The Farm will be Saturday, April 30th, from 9-1. That is the weekend before Mother’s Day. We are hoping the weather cooperates this time. In the fall, it rained and was windy. To date, we have twenty-two small business friends invited. I’m pleased to say Aunt Julia’s Donuts will be here and Big Daddy’s BBQ. Let’s be honest; it’s all about the food! Lone Oak Farms will also be joining us with their baked goods. I can feel my waistline expanding already. Also, my sweet friend, Christina Moore, will be here with her Confections by Christina Elizabeth. I hope she brings her honeycomb candy. If I could only have one thing to eat for the rest of my life, I think I would choose Christina’s honeycomb candy. Her creations are amazing. She uses fresh local ingredients and high-end gourmet ingredients from Europe. Her confections are incredible and unique.

I’ve also received confirmation from my dear friend, Pamela Jean Warner. Pam will be bringing her new inventory of handwoven shawls, scarves, and accessories. I love Pam’s shawls. I end up buying at least one new one every year. They are perfect for traveling, or the weird days when it starts out chilly and ends in the seventies, and they can be dressed up or down. Lydic’s Farms will be here again too. This time they will have succulent plants that are all the rage right now. Rustic Smoke candles will be joining us with their fantastic smelling creations. We’re also excited to have my friend Carlene join us with her alpaca socks, dryer balls, and the book that I shared yesterday.

Sharon Smith and her nephew Chris will be joining us to share their Mrs. Nut Roll nut rolls. Sharon and Chris, aka The B Team, were our neighbors for a season at Ligonier Market. You just can’t ask for better people. Also joining us are our dear friends Pat and Sherrie. Pat and The Bibbed Wonder have a “bromance” going. Sherry says the only way she can get Pat’s attention is to shave her head and wear bib overalls. Sherry will be selling starter plants, farm-fresh eggs, and her adorable handmade baby bonnets. That is just a teaser of what to anticipate for our farm event.

Hopefully, all the baby goats will be delivered safe and sound by April 30th, and you’ll get to see them out in the pasture field bouncing around with their mamas. Jordan would like to do barn tours, but I have not decided yet. My biggest fear is that some disease gets carried into my goats. I will have to do a lot of thinking and ask for our vet’s advice on that topic. With or without barn tours, I think it will be a good day.

With this grey, dreary weather, it is nice to have something special to look forward to in the near future. Let’s hope all the snow, sleet, and freezing rain is done and over with for the year. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing our new products.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, mark your calendar, and keep washing your hands.

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