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Summer is Fleeting

Happy Friday, dear reader. Once again, the weekend is upon us. Summer is moving along rapidly, and I fear I am not taking the time to appreciate all the season has to offer. Many of you know, summer is our busy season. We are always happy to spend our Saturdays at the Ligonier Country Market, but it does seem as though our weekends are filled with more work than pleasure. That is an excellent problem to have, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see our market family, make new friends, and build relationships.

I am delighted to put this week to bed. My week was filled with doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, car maintenance, home repairs, and a heavy dose of humiliation. None of which were enjoyable. I am happy to report we now have air conditioning, and we will have heat when the seasons change. I am also pleased to say we have our first vaccine, and the side effects were mild. I feel better knowing that we will be protected and also help to protect others. Although it feels as if the world were crashing in, we have made progress, and good things have arisen.

This weekend, I will get to mix a bit of pleasure with the work. My dear friend from college is having a bridal shower for her daughter. I am not sure how little Erica is old enough to get married and plan a family, but the time has arrived. I can't wait to see my friend Monica and her twin sister Marie, along with their girls and family. Although we don't live far from each other, we rarely see each other. This will be my first gathering since all this Covid nonsense began. I must say I feel a bit apprehensive, but I am excited to see those I haven't seen in ages. My bean will get a rare glimpse of the life her mom had P.B. (Pre-Bean). She has heard stories, seen pictures, and met my friends, but she doesn't have many opportunities to hang with my friends and me. I am hoping she catches a glimpse of the fun, carefree girl I used to be.

I hope your weekend is a mixture of accomplishments and fun. I am looking forward to attending The Ligonier Country Market on Saturday. If you are in the area, I can't emphasize enough the pleasantness of the outing. We always look forward to seeing our soap family. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, enjoy this beautiful fleeting season while you can, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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