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Supporting Small

I hope, dear reader, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, good conversation, and laughter. We had a lovely day with GramBarb. Our bellies are full and our hearts of fuller. Today is another cherished tradition for all you avid shoppers. Although I love to shop, I have never really participated in Black Friday shopping. I much prefer sleep and warmth over standing in long lines braving the cold to save a few bucks, but that is just me.

This morning, The Bibbed Wonder will be releasing our Black Friday deals beginning at a more civilized hour. We will be offering 25% off sitewide, excluding those God For Saken Snowmen, and using the promo code: HolidayJoy21. We also have a few tricks up our sleeve for savings on Cyber Monday. Please be sure to check in to enjoy the savings. We are excited for tomorrow, which is Small Business Saturday. We will be participating in our first-ever pop-up event.

From Philly Street Candle Bar, Andrea Neiderhiser has invited us to join her for a few hours on Small Business Saturday. We are so excited and grateful for this unique opportunity. As Andrea so cleverly stated, Candles + Soap = Love. I am going today to introduce myself and meet Miss Andrea. Honestly, I am so excited to check out her candle bar. As you may well know, I love scents and blending scents. Andrea gives individuals an opportunity to create custom scents and candles. How fun is that? I have longed to check out this lovely new business, but we have little time to do anything other than soap during the holiday season. I adore collaborating with other small business owners. I am so appreciative of Andrea for reaching out to us. If you are in the Indiana area tomorrow, I encourage you to stop by, say hello, and support two small, local businesses.

We will also be joining our friends from Lone Oak Farm on Saturday, December 11. Lone Oak will be hosting a small vendor event, and we are honored to be participating. I adore the Simpson kids and am impressed with their work ethic, ingenuity, creativity, and love for their family farm. The Simpsons are just good people. I happily take every opportunity to support and promote this wonderful family.

It will be a busy holiday season, and being busy is good. I hope to see you at the various local events throughout the season. It’s a good thing to support small, local businesses. Your support helps people fulfill their dreams, live their best life, take care of their families, carry on traditions, build the local economy, and create jobs in the community. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

On this blustery Black Friday, remember to stay safe, be smart, support small and local, and of course, wash those hands well. It’s especially important to wash your hands when you are out and about shopping. Not only is Covid active, but so is the flu.

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