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Survival Skills

Survival skills can take on many forms. Perhaps it is the ability to build a fire without matches or a lighter. Or maybe, it is the ability to track and hunt wild game. However, it can also look like a twelve-year-old who is able to laugh and make the best of any situation. In most instances, I believe this is the best survival technique one can develop, not taking life too seriously. Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh in the midst of turmoil or pain is a skill that can be very beneficial. When being interviewed for a teaching position, I was asked by a school superintendent, "What is your greatest classroom management skill?" I stated, "My sense of humor. In a setting often ruled by moody, hormonal teenagers, being able to laugh to defuse a situation was a real asset." This answer set me apart from the herd and got me the job. I believe my bean has already developed this survival skill.

The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean have spent the week "truck camping." Truck camping is when they drive the truck to a distant location on the farm, load the back of the truck with an air mattress, pillows, and junk food, and spend the night in the woods hanging out and bonding. Truck camping is their thing. I get to spend quiet nights alone with my big handsome dog crush watching whatever I want on Netflix. It's a win, win situation. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean send me pictures, texts, and videos of their antics to keep me updated and make me feel included. I appreciate their efforts and enjoy seeing them enjoying themselves. They've got a wonderful relationship and a strong bond. It does my heart good to see them doing something together that is just the two of them.

The last video I received was of my darling daughter sitting in a camp chair with her knees up, hands behind her knees, making "fart" noises by pumping her legs back and forth. In the video, she is laughing like a fool, and her unadulterated joy is infectious. This kid can make a party out of a night in the woods with just herself. I love that about her. I also wonder what will happen when it is time for her to find a life partner, but maybe her antics will scare the boys away....fingers crossed. I had every intention of posting this video, but my conscience won't permit it. With all the pitfalls of the internet, I would not want to be responsible for creating a social lepper or embarrassing my kid beyond forgiveness. You will have to trust that it is a hilarious video and a good lesson for us all. Relish the small joys, don't take life too seriously, and noises mimicking flatulence truly are hilarious.

We would all be better people if we could learn to let loose, laugh at ourselves, and embrace acting a fool for the sheer enjoyment of a good belly laugh. That, my dear reader, is the PSA for the day. As always, stay safe, be smart, laugh at yourself, and wash your hands.

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