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Swifty Over Fifty

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Taylor Swift concert is the big excitement here at the farm this week. Sigh. The Bean and I have been invited to attend the Taylor Swift concert with our dear family friends. We are not actually attending the Taylor Swift concert; we are hanging out in the parking lot with all the other “Swifties” who were unable to procure tickets to this coveted event. Apparently, this is a thing in “Swifty” culture. Who knew? I am unschooled in all things “Swifty-related” and require an education. My bean is more than happy to provide said education in all things Swifty.

We have spent the past week listening to nothing but Taylor Swift songs from various albums. I am now familiar with Lover, Midnights, Red, and 1989. To be honest, it’s fun but a bit overwhelming. When my bean is excited about something, she is 100% committed. Not only is she committed, but I am also supposed to be 100% committed. At fifty, my ability to capture that kind of enthusiasm is limited. However, I intend to fake it until I make it; or at least fake it until The Bean is happy.

To date, we have made numerous friendship bracelets. These “cool” bracelets are what my generation made for our friends when I was maybe ten years old. In “Swifty” culture, these bracelets are created, taken to the concert, and traded. How sad is it that what I did with my friends “back in the day” is now cool again? On that note, Jenna’s brother, Nate, bought a “classic” truck to take to classic car shows and cruise around in for fun. The truck was made in 1993… which is two years after I graduated from high school. Sigh, I am old.

The Bean ordered three outfits for the Taylor Swift concert. None of which I would approve for any other event but the Taylor Swift concert. She ordered a sequined bustier with pink feathers around the top. She also ordered a heart-shaped, hot pink halter top and a pink spangled crop top with shiny dangles. She ordered four feather boas, four pink cowboy hats, and a pair of disco ball earrings along with these over-the-top shirts. There is only one bean; why so many cowboy hats and boas? Because we all have to wear pink cowboy hats and boas. Oh, and the disco ball earrings are for me. I almost forgot, I also have pink heart-shaped sunglasses to wear. There will be no bustiers for this mom. Oh no, I get to wear a t-shirt that says, “Swifty Over Fifty.” I’m unsure how I feel about announcing my age, and I pointed out I’m not over fifty yet. The Bean gave me an annoyed sigh and said, “Mom, you turned fifty in October. Technically, you’re over fifty.” Being the epitome of maturity, I stuck my tongue out at her and flipped her off…behind her back, of course. Have I told you how scary she is now that hormones have set in? Sigh.

We have done nothing but talk about Taylor Swift for more than a week. At least fifty times a day, The Bean claps her hands, jumps around, and squeals, “I AM SO EXCITED FOR TAYLOR SWIFT!” We have dinner plans with our Taylor Swift-savvy friends. The adults are going out to eat alone while The Bean and Abby go shopping and out to dinner to discuss all things Tay-Tay. The Bibbed Wonder informed me that if I even mention Taylor Swift over dinner, he will throat punch me. I might have to bring up the concert to annoy him. We are in this together. He may not have to suffer through a parking lot party for Taylor Swift, but he will suffer along with me until the concert day arrives.

Mostly, I jest. I am thrilled to do something with The Bean that she is so excited over. I am a Taylor Swift fan, although I am not fanatical. It will be fun to hang out with Abby and Janet. Abby is an exceptional young woman, and I am thrilled she has taken an interest in Jordan. I appreciate the young women in our lives who act as positive role models for my girl. She has our rock star friend, Jenna, and now she has Abby. I will be thrilled if Jordan turns out half as well as these young women. I have high hopes she will.

The Bean keeps me young, and I thoroughly enjoy her. I am looking forward to our Taylor Swift party. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be in charge of waiting in line for merchandise while she parties. It’s okay; I will happily wait in line for an overpriced t-shirt if it makes my girl smile. I have decided the Taylor Swift tailgating event will be part of my fifty fun things. I can definitely get on board with feather boas, cowboy hats, and mirror ball earrings. A fun outfit, awesome people, and good music sound like a perfect time. Add spending time with my girl, and it will be amazing.

On this lovely June day, stay safe, be smart, stay young, and keep washing your hands.

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