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Take the 1 in 5 Pledge

I follow a pair of ladies who call themselves Jaqueline and Minna. Both women are entrepreneurial gurus. They have a podcast, The Product Boss, that is just loaded with valuable, practical, and inspirational information for female entrepreneurs. I listen to them almost weekly and not only walk away with a plethora of information, but I feel like I can do anything after I listen to them. I have signed up for several of their online classes and follow their Hot Tip Tuesdays religiously. They are trying to create a movement they dub The 1 in 5 Pledge.

The 1 in 5 Pledge is very simple. For every 5 purchases, make 1 purchase from a small business either online or offline. I have been unknowingly doing this ever since I began to sell my soaps and products at the Ligonier Country Market. Jacqueline and Minna are asking that each individual makes a conscious effort to support small business. It is a small request, but it makes a significant impact on individual companies and communities. It is such an easy, small step to take but think of its effect if each person were to do this.

Please allow me to show you a glimpse of what it looks like on the farm when we receive an order. First, The Bibbed Wonder has our website pulled up on the computer 24 hours a day. One of us is checking the site for traffic, messages, and orders at least every half hour. Updates are given verbally by whoever has reviewed the site last. When an order is received, Eric will come busting through the door between the garage and the studio holding a printed order high with a huge smile on his face. He will then announce who the order is for, where it is going, and if that person is a returning or first-time customer. Next is the ritual high-five/fist bump combo. The order is then pulled, one of us wraps the soaps, one of us writes the card, and we hurry to get the order ready before Cindy, our mail person, arrives. Then we end with the discussion of, "We are really doing this!" You won't find that kind of response from CEOs of big box stores or corporate conglomerates.

Here is just an example of what your order does for us. Your order allows us to do what we love, in the place we love the most. It puts food on our table; it keeps the lights on, pays for the heating bill, buys feed for our goats, pays doctor bills, pays vet bills, provides security for our little girl, and creates a sense of purpose for us. It also allows us to pay for part-time help. Your order puts food on their table, keeps their lights on, pays their heat bill, pays doctor bills, provides enrichment for their children, and gives a sense of purpose. This, in turn, keeps the doors open for other small businesses and professionals. Your order creates a ripple effect that impacts multiple families, communities, and small businesses. We are so grateful for your support and appreciate your effort. Your support is never taken for granted. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I, in turn, make a conscious effort to support small, local businesses. Some of my absolute favorites to support are Butler Auto Parts, Indiana Vacuum, Keith's Specialty Store, Dan Smith's Candies, Romeo's Pizza, Two Lick Garden Nursery, Disobedient Spirits, McGinnis ATA, Lone Oak Farm, Cake Shotts, Canine Confections, Christina Elizabeth Confections, and Mrs. Nutroll, just to name a few. Our support does the same thing for these businesses that your support does for us. Que The Circle of Life...

I humbly ask, dear reader, that you too take the 1 in 5 Pledge. It's a small gesture with a significant impact. It is also appreciated beyond words. As always, stay safe, stay smart, shop small and local, and of course, wash your hands.

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