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This weekend was a busy weekend indeed. Although I didn’t get my entire to do list completed, with the help of The Bibbed Wonder, I was able to check off quite a few tasks. It feels good to accomplish things that have been hanging over my head all summer. It also feels good to know that these tasks won’t have to be done again until the spring or fall of next year.

The Bibbed Wonder and I make a pretty good team. We are able to work together and not want to do bodily harm to one another…for the most part. However, with this man there is always a funny comment, a joke, or a prank in the making. I spent Saturday mowing the grass, fingers crossed it is the last time this year. I also did the weed eating around the farm. You see, The Bibbed Wonder has lost his mowing and lawn care privileges. He is far too generous with round-up…we have epic battles about the use of round up…and he has no respect for plants or flowers that don’t produce food. On the occasion he does weed eat, he wacks EVERYTHING in his path. He has suffered several verbal assaults, multiple time outs, and a number of silent treatments over his lack of respect for plants. I have stopped with the silent treatment because I have discovered he actually enjoys this form of punishment. However, I digress.

As I made multiple passes across the yard on the mower, each time I was within ear shot or we made eye contact he gave me a thumbs up, a cat call, or a whistle. He has a running joke that no matter what a woman looks like, if she is on a lawn mower mowing, she is sexy. Sigh…this is how I live. The fun and shenanigans didn’t end there. Sunday, we worked together to clean the gutters. Being the great problem solver and innovator, he used the tractor with the bucket to put me up to roof level. This was much safer than crawling onto the roof or climbing a ladder. However, I was at the mercy of The Bibbed Wonder. He was very careful with me and made sure I was safe at all times, however just like an adolescent boy, he couldn’t resist bouncing the bucket or getting too close to the house just for a laugh. After the chore was done, he shared with me the photos he took of my “never ending wedgie.” Sigh…again, I should have made better life choices.

He then took over pressure washing the house for me so that I could can the last of the tomatoes for the season. I am always appreciative of his help even if I have to put up with his hijinks. Which if truth be told, I only act like I am annoyed with him. He really does make me laugh with his ridiculously juvenile behavior. However, if he understood that I find him humorous, he would up his game and I would get no peace. So, I have mastered the stink eye, like any good mom, I am able to control my giggles until he is out of sight, and I have a tone of voice I save just for him. He really is the most ill-behaved child in my home.

We have much more to do before we are officially ready for winter but a large portion of our never ending to do list is complete. Fall is indeed a busy season for us but when we work together and are able to laugh it makes it enjoyable work. I am exhausted from the busy weekend but I wouldn’t change it for the world…just don’t tell The Bibbed Wonder. I can only imagine how swollen that handsome bald head would become if he knew how much I enjoy him.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, enjoy what you do, and wash your hands…maybe with a pink soap to support breast cancer awareness…it’s just a suggestion.

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