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Thank You

Once again, I am grateful and appreciative of my wonderful soap family. You good folks never cease to amaze me. We released our foaming goat’s milk hand soap on Wednesday. We were sold out and had to make a new batch less than twenty-four hours after its release. Thank you all so much for the ongoing support, kindness, and love you show. Making soap was a fluke. It was something I thought I would do on the side to use up all the milk my lovely ladies produce. With the ongoing support, we are able to stay together as a family, working at the farm that was so important to my dad and his family. If it weren’t for you all, The Bibbed Wonder would be working away more than he is home, or we would have to move out of state for him to stay employed. When we say we appreciate you and your support, there are no truer, more heartfelt words spoken.

You all don’t stop your support with us, which is amazing. I received a message from a friend and supporter asking where she could purchase ten of Carlene’s books I shared with you on Wednesday. My friend had a lovely, sentimental reason for wanting to order her books. My dear friend Carlene could not be more thrilled. Carlene doesn’t do social media or have a website. However, if you are interested in purchasing one of her lovely books, I will share her contact information if you message me. Thank you for being so kind and helping to make my friend’s day.

You all also knocked it out of the park and exceeded anyone's expectations during our fall festival last year. Despite the chilly temperatures, the driving rain, and gusting winds, you all came out to our farm and supported my well-loved local small business friends. I heard nothing but rave reviews from my friends about how awesome, kind, and supportive everyone who attended was. Many of my friends had record sales that day. When you are a small business owner, kindness, respect, appreciation, and support mean the world to you. You all know how to share the love, be supportive, and make each and every one of us do a little happy jig. My soap family gives me a reason to smile and dance every day. You all rock.

Running a small business is a challenge. Quite often, you are forced out of your comfort zone and must do things and face things that seem impossible. I must admit, there are days Eric and I feel overwhelmed and question our sanity. We both know there is an easier way of life and opportunities that offer more stability and certainty. However, when we receive a message from someone who is helped by our products, or whose life and health are improved by using our soap, or someone reaches out to me and says thank you for sharing, I don’t feel so alone; this makes every uncertain situation worthwhile. Knowing what we do is worthwhile and is making a difference is the greatest reward.

On this sunny Friday morning, thank you for all you do. Thank you for supporting small. I appreciate your kindness and thank you for letting us know we make a difference. Thank you for making someone’s day. We appreciate you. As always, stay safe, be smart, know you are appreciated, and keep washing your hands.

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