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Thank You, and Allow Me To Explain...

Our Fall at the Farm event is now behind us, and once again, you made it a success. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather, more friendly faces, or more love and support. Thank you for making our event extra special. Not only do you support us and our small business, but you go the extra mile and make us feel appreciated. My cup ran over as I looked at all the lovely birthday gifts you so generously gave and the cards with good wishes and kind words. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Our vendor friends and I were so grateful for the show of support and the effort to shop small and local. You, my dear soap family, never disappoint and never cease to amaze me. Everyone had a good day, loved being out in the nice weather, and enjoyed themselves. It was literally the perfect weekend.

I feel like I have some explaining to do. Sigh. Some of you may have noticed I was acting a bit off. Well, dear reader, I must confess, I felt off. Why, oh why, I listen to my darling husband after twenty years of marriage continues to confound me. More often than not, his nonsense and shenanigans leave me shaking my head. However, I must admit that what he did on Saturday was well-meaning and came from a place of concern. He just had a good laugh over it as a perk.

I have said before I am a huge advocate of Buds to Blooms Farm. Andy and Morgan are knowledgeable and professional. Their products are amazing and have offered me more relief from my aches, pains, and inflammation than any prescription the doctors have written. I spoke with my doctor about it at my last appointment, and she advocates the use of hemp and CBD. Since August, I have been using Buds to Blooms Delta 8 gummies along with a CBD tincture. I am good at following directions. Morgan told me to take both products at bedtime, which is what I have always done. I awake refreshed, my inflammation is down, my blood pressure is lower, and my head is clearer than it has felt in a long time. However, I had been out of both products for more than a week. I thought I could wait until our event to stock up and speak more with Andy and Morgan.

My bib overall-wearing buddy made it to Andy and Morgan before I did. As I was walking to their tent, Eric was walking away from their tent with a bag of goodies. We met in the middle, and before I even gave it a thought, Eric pulled out a gummy and said, “take half of this; it will make you feel better.” I wasn’t feeling the best, so I did just that. I walked around, thanked everyone for coming, and ensured nobody needed anything; in all regards, I was fine. As I stood talking with Cody from Lone Oak Farm, a half-hour passed, and I felt my legs turn kind of weak, and a warm fuzzy feeling overcame me. Eric and I call Cody “Cody the Cutie,” but he doesn’t usually have that effect on me.

My friend Christina and I walked back toward our tents, and I felt like I was moving in slow motion and time felt skewed. I began noticing the oddest things, like individual blades of grass and the clarity of Christina's skin, and my mouth felt really dry. Christina stopped walking and asked me if I felt okay. I responded woefully, “Oh balls, buddy! I’m high as a kite!” Yep, you read that correctly; I was stoned. I had not eaten anything that morning. I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee and ate half of a Delta 8 gummy for breakfast. When Eric said I would feel better, I don’t think he had getting stoned in mind. Sigh

Christina began filling me with carbohydrates, but it did no good. The effects of the low-dose THC were upon me, and I had no option but to ride it out. I am enough of a control freak that I hate the feeling of being out of control. I was aware of what was happening around me, but I was definitely impaired. I tried to act normal, but I feared I would say something off or begin giggling like an idiot at inappropriate times, so I tried to avoid engaging anyone in long conversations. Also, my focus was off, and I felt like I was wandering away from people in the middle of conversations. It was a terrible feeling.

I pulled Jenna and The Bibbed Wonder off to the side and told them, “I am high as a f***** kite! What am I going to do?” They laughed. They laughed long and hard at my predicament and offered me no solutions. Eric said, “Sit down and wait for it to pass. You’ll be okay, I promise.” He giggled like a naughty schoolboy who had pulled a dirty trick on a classmate. “We’ve got you covered; sit down and relax.” That, dear reader, is all I could do.

At one point, I got caught behind the cash box as one of my dearest soap family members talked with me. I was trying hard to follow the conversation. She handed me her order and said, “I will take these.” I’m reasonably sure I got a deer in the headlights look on my face and panicked. There was no way I trusted myself to do the math. Every minute detail jumped out as I stood looking at the products. I broke the focus, mumbled my apologies, made some lame excuse, and went and sat in the back of my friend Trisha’s van. Oh, dear reader, what a terrible feeling.

Later in the day, I spoke with Morgan and told her I was feeling the effects of the Delta 8 gummy. She hugged me and told me never to take them during the day, never to drive after taking them, and make sure I eat something. Because I have no experience with using any of this, I would feel the powerful effects of even a low dose. Sigh. I was able to keep it together long enough to see everyone off safely. I then went to the house and crashed for the remainder of the afternoon. I’m pretty sure I continued to hear Eric and Jenna laughing at my predicament as I dozed off into a drugged stupor. I awoke having to wipe the drool from my chin but felt sober and well-rested.

If we spoke at the event and I wandered away, I apologize. I was doing my best, but I was probably focused on some ridiculous detail like the fiber of your sweater or the freckles on your face. They were lovely sweaters and freckles…sigh. On this beautiful October day, stay safe, be smart, don’t take Delta 8 gummies during the day at the most important event of your season, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2022

Hugs to you! Sounds like I might need those products for my before-bedtime routine! I'm glad the event was successful - I hope to make it there next year! I wish you a wonderful week!

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