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Thank you and Respect

My beautiful, badass friend, Jessica Stadmiller Colbert

Today, dear reader, we honor all veterans and those who sacrifice and serve to keep our country and people safe, as well as protect our liberty. Not all feel the calling to protect and serve, and for those who do, we say with gratitude and humility, thank you. We are grateful for your service. In my small circle, I have the privilege of calling several veterans my friend. One friend, in particular, stands out to me because she is a beautiful person, continues to approach life with a warriors attitude, and now sacrifices for the betterment of her family.

My dear friend and neighbor Jess is an amazing person. She chose a career in the military. Jess was part of a flight crew, had the highest level of clearances, earned the rank of Major, made tough choices, saw the world, and lived an exciting lifestyle. I feel dull and boring when I compare my life to Jess’s. Jess made the decision to give up her hard-earned career when she became pregnant. I know from talking with her that there are times she feels like she should have stuck it out, tried to balance military life with motherhood, and continued to fight for her country.

However, I believe I respect her even more for making the decision to put her family first. As a woman, to achieve what Jess was able to accomplish in a male-driven environment is impressive. Not only was she giving up a career, but she was also giving up a lifestyle. She gave up everything that was familiar to her to take on the role of motherhood. I’m proud of my friend for her service, for her commitment, and her sacrifice. I also respect my friend for her unselfish decision to do what she feels is best for her family.

On this veterans day, I say thank you to all veterans and active service members. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do to keep our country safe. For all the female veterans and service members, respect. I can only imagine the battles you fight. To my friend Jess, you were and continue to be a badass and an inspiration. I’m happy my daughter has you as a friend and role model.

Stay safe, be smart, thank a veteran, and keep washing your hands on this Veteran’s Day.

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Thank you for your service Jess!

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