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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

It is Friday…yay, for Friday. I am feeling grateful, thankful, and blessed. We have had a busy week of soap making, cutting, stamping, stacking, and boxing. We will spend the morning making lotions for the Ligonier Country Market tomorrow but lotion goes quickly and we anticipate being done by lunch time. My bean worked ahead in several of her classes yesterday, so she could have more free time today. Overall, today is a day to look forward to and look forward to it, I am.

We had a good week. The animals are all healthy and thriving, soap making went well, we are healthy and feeling good, school is going well, and we feel like we are getting things done. I appreciate weeks like this and do not take them for granted. These are days that put the days that go awry in the shadows. I am grateful for good days.

Today is also a day of remembrance. I know for many families, today is a day that marks tragedy and loss. It is a day that changed the world as we know it. In my gratitude for a good week, I too remember the solemnity of the day. However, this only increases my appreciation for my good fortune. Tragedy reminds us that with the good must come the challenging. The bitterness of tragedy only works to increase the sweet taste of positivity.

Today, I remember those who lost their lives. I remember those who sacrificed their lives. I remember the families who have suffered loss and grief. Today, I relish the small victories, the kind acts, and the gentle souls in the world. I relish these things for those who are not here to enjoy them. I will enjoy today for those who can’t out of respect and reverence.

Today is a day of solemnity and remembrance but also a day of gratitude and appreciation. Have a good day today for those who can’t be with us. Have a good day for those who made it possible for us to continue to carry on the goodness and light. Be the light in the world. Carry the torch for those who sacrificed and were taken far too soon. Proceed with extra care and kindness today. Enjoy the laughter of a child, a snuggle from a pet, a good cup of coffee, a cool breeze, a conversation with a loved one, and a kind word or warm hug. Remember, there are many who will never get to experience these small luxuries again. Enjoy them for those who can’t.

Stay safe, stay smart, live today in gratitude, and wash your hands.

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