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The Beginning of Foodie Fridays

People often say that good help is hard to find. Here at The Smiling Goat Soap Company, we are very fortunate. We have four capable, reliable, hard-working individuals who show up for us whenever we need them. Whether it is helping in the soaping process, tending to or milking goats, or helping to clean out the barn, we know we can rely upon our soap family. They each have saved the day on more than one occasion, and we are grateful for them.

There are very few perks in helping us. We can’t offer huge salaries or big bonuses. We can provide a flexible schedule, all the free products you could ever want, glowing letters of recommendation, and a hot meal. Family is important to us, and what do you do for your family when you can’t do anything else? The simple answer is you feed them. If you help us at the farm, you are expected to sit and eat lunch or dinner with us as a family. Providing a decent meal is a simple way for me to show how much I appreciate everything they do to help us. It’s a small gesture, but it’s packed with gratitude and care.

Meals are a time when we sit down together, discuss our day and our plans, recount funny happenings, or hash out problems. It is a time for us to connect. I have a hard and fast rule, no technology at the table. Of course, there are exceptions. One is permitted to go to Google University to gather information to settle an argument or prove a point. One is also allowed to share something interesting, thought-provoking, or funny if it adds to the conversation. However, random scrolling, checking texts and emails, or online shopping is prohibited. This rule applies to The Bibbed Wonder, The Bean, and myself, but it is enforced for our soap family too.

When we sit down to lunch or dinner, we are a family. We have discovered that family isn’t necessarily blood. Family is trust, care, showing up when times are tough, and being there to celebrate when times are good. Family is respect, honesty, and gratitude. Our family has grown by four, and we feel blessed to have these individuals in our lives.

Sometimes the meals I create are elaborate and include a salad, main course, side dishes, and desserts: other times, it’s soup, a sandwich, and chips. I try to remember to put pickles on the table with almost every meal because Jenna likes pickles. Whatever I make, it’s always appreciated. The Bibbed Wonder ends every meal by saying, “Good meal, lady! Thank you.” The girls always clear the dishes, put them in the sink, and say, “Thank you!” as they walk out the door. It’s a nice routine.

The Bibbed Wonder and Jenna think I should share my recipes for the meals I create. I am not a confident cook. The recipes I make are simple, sometimes old-fashioned, mostly comfort food. I’m not vegan, keto, low carb, glutton free, or fancy. I just like to make good food for those I care about and appreciate.

I’m tentatively going to try something new, and we’ll see what you think. Fridays are going to be known as Foodie Fridays here on the blog. I’ll share a few recipes for what we had for lunch or dinner throughout the week. I’ll also share the story behind the meal because the food we love always has a story. Some recipes may be more complex, and others might be simple with just a few ingredients, but they’ll be the recipes I share with those I care about and appreciate. It’s one more way to welcome you to the family.

On this lovely first Friday of summer, stay safe, be smart, show how much you care in little ways, and keep washing your hands. Oh, and welcome to the family!

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Jun 24, 2022

I can't wait for Foodie Fridays!!


I look forward to your Foodie Fridays!

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