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The Best Day of The Bean's Life So Far

Sunday was my bean’s big Christmas outing. In my constant battle to not clutter my now uncluttered house, I vowed that I was doing experiences, not stuff for Christmas gifts. Going away for extended periods, like several days, is not an option for us. We have too many lives depending on us to take off for a long weekend, let alone a week or more. This time of year, the first round of girls prepare to deliver their kids for the year. Eric also has his porcine princesses and our flocks of geese, ducks, and chickens. There’s too much at stake for us to pick up and leave.

Finding day trips that will thrill my bean can be challenging. She doesn’t do well at amusement parks. If she rides anything that spins, she turns a horrible shade of green and is sick. Water parks gross me out. I think of public pools as a human waste stew. Not only am I thoroughly convinced people pee in the pool, but I also think about the dead skin, loose hair, scabs, and other human dander that pollutes public pools. Ick, it makes my skin crawl.

One can only do so many museums, historical sites, and caves. It is a challenge to find something she enjoys, isn’t gross, and doesn’t make her sick. With her obsession with all things Stranger Things, Comicon made sense. Unbeknownst to my bean, I bought tickets for her to attend Steel City Con and meet Gaten Matarazzo and Eduardo Franco. I amazed myself by keeping it a secret right up until the morning of the event.

I don’t think the reality of the situation set in until after the meetings and photos. She was nervous before the meetings, stressed out during the overly crowded photo op, and ecstatic immediately following the experience. It wasn’t until the ride home that reality seemed to set in that she met two of her favorite actors, got to give them soap, and converse with them. She went to bed, and five minutes later, her door opened, and she came to our room smiling from ear to ear. She informed me that it was crazy how she had met these people today and was now watching them on television. She then did a happy little dance, thanked me again for the day, and declared it the best day of her life so far.

I’m happy she is happy. I went to bed thinking, “I hope every day is the best day of her life so far.” Overall, I think my gift of an experience for Christmas was a hit. Now, I need to figure out how to top that for next year.

Stay safe, be smart, enjoy the moments, make memories, not clutter, and keep washing your hands on this dreary Monday.

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