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The Comfort of Quiet Devotion, Emphasis on Quiet

The Bean has a love-hate relationship with my big red dog crush, Buster, Busty, Heavy B, the B-dawg, Bust-a-Move. He has many names, most of them sounding like a ninety's rap artist...I love '90's rap. The B-dawg loves Jordan, but I am his person. Jordan finds my relationship with the Heavy-B to be annoying. She is annoyed when he sits beside me on the couch and growls at her if she tries to sit on the sofa too. Now, mind you, he doesn't growl in a mean way; it's more like his way of talking when annoyed. Although, he does growl in a mean way sometimes. She is annoyed when I call him baby, buddy, bestie, or lovey. She is annoyed that when he does something bad, like eating a Swiss Roll wrapper, I scold her and not him. My argument is she has opposable thumbs and should pick up; he is a dog going on scent and instinct. My argument also annoys her. What really annoys my bean is when I point out that she just may be jealous of the Heavy-B. That observation scores me no points at all with my favorite human bean.

Another behavior that Buster has that annoys The Bean is he acts as her alarm clock. He decides when it is time for her to get up. It might be 7:00, or it might be 9:00, but Buster gets it in his head that she needs to be up, and he will not be deterred from his mission. Buster now weighs in at 109 pounds. His favorite method of waking up The Bean is to stand beside the bed and bark incessantly. If his demands are ignored, he jumps on the bed and stands on The Bean, barking and pulling at the covers. I think it is adorable. The Bean is annoyed and mean. She finds no charm whatsoever in The Heavy-B's behavior. Once she is awake, he jumps about most happily. He is so excited for her to be awake and up. Jordan, on the other hand, is usually stomping, yelling, and angry. Her behavior is far less charming than the B-dawgs.

The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder make fun of my blind adoration for this big red ball of delight. However, what they fail to understand is that Buster never gives me any nonsense. He doesn't make fun of me, torment me, crack annoying jokes constantly, talk incessantly, or complain about any of my behaviors. He adores me, and I love him, and that is simply enough. He is happy when I give him food. He doesn't complain about the lack of meat, the smoke detector sounding off, the texture, or the color. He is just happy to have a bite. If I ask Buster to go for a walk or a ride, he doesn't sing COOOOOOOO-VIIIIIIIIIID in a deep, annoying baritone or feigns leg cramps or a headache to get out of it. When I exercise, he sits and watches me without judgment. He doesn't pull out his camera when I have my a$$ in the air and say, "Suppose, suppose, Teenie's a$$ is higher than her nose." Sigh... I simply love the quiet adoration Buster offers. He's the only quiet thing in the house most of the time.

As I sit writing to you at a quarter of 9:00, Buster has decided it is time to awaken the beast...I mean, The Bean. He is bouncing about around her bed, and she is growling at him to go away. Any minute, he will be on top of her and pulling her covers off. My peace and quiet will be over for the day, and I will be forced to listen to news about YouTubers I don't know, listen to lamentations about the evils of cyber school, and complaints about my unfair demands to eat a healthy breakfast and not a snack cake. However, the Heavy-B will be thrilled she is up, awake, and perhaps willing to rub his belly and play. I definitely appreciate my B-dawg and the unconditional love and joy he has for us and life.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, appreciate the quiet devotion, and keep washing your hands.

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