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The Final Days of The Shaker Woods Festival

Well, dear reader, this weekend is the last weekend of The Shaker Woods Festival. The Bibbed Wonder and I face this weekend with a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, we are excited to share our products, meet new people, and share our story. On the other hand, we are exhausted and are looking forward to returning to our regular routine. Regardless of how we feel, we will be at our booth, giving you our best.

Thankfully, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. The temperature is supposed to drop, along with the humidity. is calling for partly cloudy with a high of 77 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday. In my experience, that is the perfect festival weather. If you stayed away the first weekend because of the potential for storms, this weekend would be the ideal make-up day. Also, the last weekend is always the least crowded, especially on Sunday.

Our inventory has held up well throughout the festival. We have a limited inventory of our Shaker Woods exclusive, The Woods. It has been well received, and we've received good reviews. Our new seasonal release, Autumn Marmalade, is going quickly. I hope we have enough left to put online and take to The Ligonier Country Market. Our fall staple, Pumpkin Sandalwood, is available. We made a double batch, and having enough to put online at Ligonier and our Fall at the Farm event should not be a problem. Sweet Fig is also available. It has been popular, and we are pleased with its reception. Of course, our regular inventory is ready and available.

On this humid late summer day, stay safe, be smart, come see us at Shaker Woods, and make sure to introduce yourself. If you do come out, regardless of how busy we are, please make sure to introduce yourself. We love being able to put a face to a name on our website and social media. Of course, keep washing your hands. Also, please utilize my handwashing station at Shaker Woods. I'm pretty tickled with it.

P.S. Dee, if you are reading this, I hope to see you in person this weekend...insert a smile and wink. I've looked for you like an expectant child since you mentioned you might come out on the first Sunday.

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1 commentaire

24 août 2023

Wow! I am honored to see my name mentioned! (Unless there’s another Dee). I had meant to say the last Sunday, but now am not certain I can make it. So sorry if you’ve been looking for me! Will definitely try but if not will try to get up to Ligonier soon. Unfortunately, I recently moved from the Laurel Mtns to Pittsburgh ☹️. Thank goodness for your mail orders!

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