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The Holiday BLAHS...

Well, dear reader, it is officially one week until Christmas. To date, there is no tree adding the sweet scent of pine and holiday twinkle to our living room. Nor is there a wreath on the door. I have yet to hang stockings. Alas, the twelve days of Christmas are quickly passing us by with no tiny gifts or surprises. However, The Bean has spent the last two weeks at GramBarb's house, and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it. That Godforsaken elf doesn't move when The Bean is not home. That is a win. However, I have yet to get my Christmas game on.

As we sat and ate our snacky-snacks and drank our drinky-drinks and watched reruns of Star Trek, I told The Bibbed Wonder about a dozen times, "I should go up to the garage and wrap gifts...dramatic sigh" I just couldn't bring myself to get off the couch, put down my drink, and stop snacking on my snacks. Finally, The Bibbed Wonder told me what I was waiting to hear, "Just sit down and spend some time with me." Okay, not a problem. Thank you for making me ask for affirmation a dozen times...eye roll. I then asked The Bibbed Wonder if he felt like it was Christmas time. His response was, "No, not at all." I'm not sure what is missing. It could be the lack of a last-minute rush to buy gifts...I'm a legendary procrastinator. It may be the lack of social gatherings or feeling like no one is coming over, so why bother. Everything just feels a bit off this year. Perhaps it is just the residual effect of 2020.

I don't feel Grinch-like, exactly. I just don't feel the usual feeling of thrill, excitement, and anticipation I normally feel. I just feel...BLAH. I believe I am putting on a good show for The Bean. I'm trying to anyhow. However, that Godforsaken elf hasn't done a single mischievous thing. I usually look online for inspiration for elf tricks, but this year, not so much. I have yet to put up The Bean's Christmas village with her. We usually do that around the first of the month. At this point, I feel like why bother. However, when she returns from her stay with GramBarb today, I know I will make every effort to make the season jolly and bright. Perhaps she is what is missing from my holiday season? She has been away for almost a solid two weeks, and it is so quiet without her. Hopefully, my lively little elf will bring some holiday cheer home with her.

The Bibbed Wonder will be picking up The Bean this afternoon. They will do the traditional tree shopping together. I am left out of tree shopping. It's okay; they need their own thing. The tree will be placed in its stand and allowed several hours to "fall." We will then work together to decorate the tree. I will dig out the stockings from their attic abode and hang them on the mantle. We will then lug fifty million knick-knack trinketry pieces into the house and alight it with twinkle lights, a running train, and a water fountain. However, it will take The Bean hours to create just the right set-up for the village and Santa's domain. sounds like a lot of work. I also need to make a schedule of moves for that Godforsaken elf—dramatic sigh...more work. Perhaps I feel BLAH because the holidays are so much work. Anyhow, by the time I write to you again on Monday, hopefully, the holiday BLAHS will have passed.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart; I hope you don't have a case of the holiday BLAHS and wash your hands.

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