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The Medicine This World Needs

Wednesday was a very exciting day here at the farm. Not only did I flood the studio, but we also had a visit from some wonderful people. The Bean has a bit of a fan club going on between her life at the market, her YouTube appearances, and my recordings of her here on the blog. I know she's mine, but I think she's a pretty amazing kid. You may have read my post about the Amazing Ms. K. The Amazing Ms. K. has declared herself the president of Jordan's fan club. Ms. K. once again came out to the farm and impressed me. Not only did she come, but she also brought her charming husband and her mother-in-law, Barb.

I believe I will start my own fan club for Barb. Barb is 93; she spikes her hair, she wears beautiful, blingy, gold glasses, lives in an apartment independently, and is sharp as a tack. Not only is she a joy to talk with, she willingly shares her stories, opinions, and insights. I could have sat and talked with her all day. She is a wonderful conversationalist who shares many of my own ideas and opinions. I would consider her a kindred spirit. Barb is my cup of tea. Barb was doing her Christmas shopping, and Ms. K. and Mr. M. were there to aide her. Barb came ready with a list, and her doting son and daughter-in-law did a beautiful job assisting her. Watching them together, warmed my heart. At one point, Barb looked at her son adoringly and said, " I love you. Thank you." He responded, " I love you too, mom." In return, Barb said, "It has to be said, it can't be said enough, I love you, I love you, I love." It brought tears to my eyes. That is the mother I want to be to my bean. When I am 93, I hope to tell her how much I love her and how important she is to me.

We had a lovely afternoon together. I always feel fulfilled when I feel like I have made a difference to someone or brought something positive into their lives. Giving Barb a safe place to shop for Christmas presents that will hopefully bring joy to others was very rewarding for me. I like helping people, but the truth is, people, help me far more than I could ever help them. The Amazing Ms. K. that is her official title, is so good to my little girl. She has had just a few interactions with her, but her goal on Wednesday was to make her feel special and important. She really went out of her way to uplift her and bring joy to her world. That is the medicine this world needs—acts of kindness for the purity of the act. The Amazing Ms. K. expects nothing in return. She just went out of her way to put a smile on an eleven-year-old girl's face. It worked; the Bean smiled all night from ear to ear. It was indeed a wonderful day, and the Amazing Ms. K., Mr. M., and Barb were counted as blessings for the day.

I wanted to end my week on a high note, and sharing this interaction was indeed a high note. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, be a dose of medicine for this world, and wash your hands.

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