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The Month in Review

It is hard to believe that May is almost over and June is fast approaching. Although we have been following the stay at home order, the month has been anything but boring. I find the separation between our lifestyle choice and that of the majority of the population to be very vast at times. As I drove to the processor to pick up smoked meats this morning, I was listening to a radio station based out of New York City. The DJs were discussing how much down time they had and how they were staying occupied with binge watching shows, doing zoom exercise classes, reading, cooking, cleaning, and having virtual parties.

Again, I am reminded of how grateful I am to live where I do. We have very little down time. If anything, things have gotten busier for us and our pace has increased in a good way. Today for example, I had to drive to a little hamlet called Slickville to pick up bacon, kielbasa, and other forms of smoked deliciousness. This pig thing is usually Eric’s department. However, Miss Charlotte, my big red happy buddy who sits for marshmallows and tummy rubs is showing definite signs of early labor. My choice was to either drive to Slickville or hang out and watch a 600-pound pig’s vagina for changes. My choice was pretty obvious. We are still awaiting the arrival of little piglets but it will most certainly be today or more accurately tonight…around 10 or 11…when we are exhausted and only want to sleep. That’s just how it goes around here and there is never a dull moment.

This month has brought the official end to baby goat season as well. We have two gorgeous twins and I am hoping to find good homes for them either as herd sires or good pet homes. Their spots have spots and they are absolutely beautiful. With the end of baby season, comes an increase in milk production and milking responsibilities. With the increase in milk production comes as increase in soap and lotion creation. I am working like crazy to get all my summer seasonal soaps created because in July, I will have to begin making for fall…how crazy is that? With the beginning of June, we will begin market season. With market season, comes chaos. We eat, sleep, and breathe soap, lotion, market preparation and creative sales ideas…I love market season!

I have created five new soaps thus far for summer. I am always excited for new soaps and products and it is taking all my restraint to not blather on about them. I will give you a sneak peak though…I have created a new soap for Father’s Day called Manly Man…The Bibbed Wonder wanted naming rights…his creativity level is definitely increasing. We did a bar soap and a shave soap…it smells like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matthew McConaughey rolled into one beautifully handsome bar. There is also Jordan’s Mermaid Splash that smells like sunshine and coconuts, Creamy Berry Bliss which is a combo of red currant, raspberry, and blackberry…it smells deliciously yummy, Jewelweed soap for the aid with poison ivy rash and my piece de résistance, Moonlight Sonata…it is the blend that was used to create a perfume given out to first class passengers on the A deck of the Titanic…it is very elegant, very floral, and very complex. It is far more complex than what I normally blend but it was so interesting, I couldn’t help myself. Tomorrow, I plan to create a new soap I’m dubbing Fruit Fantasy and a Cucumber, Mango, Sandalwood blend I haven’t named yet. Again, never a dull moment.

Last but not least, we did our first farmer’s market at Chaganra Farms just outside of Latrobe. It was small, it was intimate and it was perfect. We have met so many wonderful people through market and we have made some very dear friends. Last night’s market was the perfect way to ease back into the market mind set and into society. We obeyed social distancing, stayed safe, used hand sanitizer, and actually talked with people face to face. It was so nice to see people out having a fun time. If you are nervous about larger venues, want to support local business, and enjoy a lovely farm setting, I recommend Chaganra Farm’s Market. I tentatively say it will be held every Friday night from 4-7 at 181 Roskovensky Road, Latrobe. We were in attendance as well as organic produce, honey, baked goods, of course the grass-fed beef and pork from Chaganra Farm and even kettle corn, lemonade, and hotdogs. It truly was a nice, safe little venue, we felt very comfortable.

It has been a busy month indeed and we are greatly looking forward to June, an ease of restrictions, sunshine, and good health for all. Although quite a few of us have tired of color codes, masks, and social distancing, we all need to continue to create a safe environment for those we love, use common sense and kindness when dealing with each other, and keep on washing our hands. Let’s be honest, good personal hygiene is never a bad thing. Until Monday dear reader…

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