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The Post-Christmas Thaw

Welcome back to the blog, dear reader. I hope you survived the flash freeze, frigid temperatures, wind, and snow. I also hope you had a wonderful holiday. Now that all the hubbub is behind us, it feels a bit dreary. Our Christmas tree will remain up until after my bean’s birthday on the 7th. This is per her request and our yearly tradition. I must admit, once the excitement of Christmas day is over, I am ready to dismantle the decorations and rid my home of clutter. However, each year I suffer through because my girl enjoys her Christmas tree.

I am happy to report everyone here on the farm made it through the insufferable cold without issue. On Christmas morning, when The Bibbed Wonder milked the goats, he reported the milk froze on contact with a stainless steel milk bucket. Now that, dear reader, is cold. Everyone was safe and warm in the barn. The piggies snuggled in like little sausages burrowing under the hay. The goats nestled into little nests they made in the hay and slept clustered together. All our feathered friends stayed warm and cozy, choosing to nest in the straw or sleep in clusters to keep warm. No one has frostbite, and all are well.

It’s a relief to have this cold snap pass. Today we will finally be above freezing. I will turn out my birds for the first time in almost a week. It will be good to return to our normal routine. Everyone, including we farmers, are a bit stir-crazy. I am looking forward to the warming trend this week will bring. However, I worry about the stress it will cause on the herd. It is not good for anyone when the temps swing in the extremes. We will deal with whatever comes our way. Hopefully, all will be well.

It will be lovely to ring in the new year with sunshine and warm temperatures. As the week progresses, the thermometer will rise into the fifties. I will happily take the 50s versus a negative reading. As 2022 comes to a close, stay safe, be smart, relish the sunshine and warmer weather, and keep washing your hands.

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