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The Spark of Inspiration and Aspirations

It is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. This week between Christmas and New Year is an odd time for us. There is a part of us that feels like we are on holiday, and we are a bit more relaxed with our schedule and duties. There is also part of us that feels like we are ramping up for the upcoming year, and our minds are reeling with ideas and inspiration. It doesn't happen often, but The Bibbed Wonder and I are on the same page with the soap and the business.

I have wanted to clear out everything that is not soap related from "my side of the garage" or what I loosely call the soap studio. The things I want to move out are Eric's things. Eric is generally easy going. However, moving his things tends to make him pace, suck on his pipe a bit harder than usual, and twitch. Before we can move everything out of the studio, we have to clean and organize "Eric's side of the garage." This will be no minor task. We are easily looking at two weeks worth of cleaning, organizing, building shelving, and creating storage solutions. In my mind, I tend not to take into consideration the amount of work that will go into making "my wants," as labeled by one annoyed bib overall wearing buddy, happen. However, no matter how much work, it has become clear that we need to make additional room in the studio for soap related materials and projects. As part of our work smarter, not harder mantra, we need to make some changes and streamline.

Often, my ideas and Eric's ideas are not sympatico. He is all about utility, efficiency and could care less if it looks like an industrial plant. On the other hand, I channel my inner Joanna Gaines and Martha Stewart to create a lovely, appealing workspace. I have collected photos, antiquities, and original ideas to create the perfect charming soap studio. Eric waits until I am not home, builds a fire, and "cleans the garage," which translates into "burning my hoarded junk." He then innocently looks at me when I am stomping in anger and says, "I didn't know you wanted that." There are times I completely understand nature and why certain species eat their partners after they have completed mating.

This time, we have a plan, we have a vision, and we are in agreement...mostly. We also have things to do that require our immediate attention, like baby goats and delivering mamas, but we have a plan. Hopefully, we will be able to execute said plan, maintain our marriage, not eat one another, and create a space we can both work in happily. That is a long list of high expectations. As long as The Bibbed Wonder can refrain from building fires, we should be okay.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, don't eat your partner...the law frowns upon that...even if they burn your stuff... sigh, and wash your hands.

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