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There is Never a Bad Day At Ligonier Country Market

Last Saturday was our first Ligonier Country Market. I have often said there is never a bad day at Ligonier Country Market. This year, in particular, I am hopeful for a good year. We are close to my favorite people. I can see Trisha Brown of Canine Confections across the aisle, and this alone is enough to spark excitement for a Saturday. My friend, Christina from Confections by Christina Elizabeth, is near me. My friend Sue, from Sue’s Recreations, is within sight and chatting distance. Suzy and Eilain from Pisarack’s Greenhouse are within visiting range. Also, Out of the Fire is across from me, and the freeze-dried candy people are beside me. We have an excellent “neighborhood” this year.

Although the weather was not perfect, we had a good day despite the rain. The crowd for opening day was more like a regular market. Historically, opening day is a circus of wall-to-wall people. The setup went smoothly this year, the crowd was busy but manageable, and sales were good. The chaos that typically ensues on the opening day during setup was not there. I attribute this to the market coordinator, Cari Frei. Cari runs a tight ship, is no-nonsense, and has the organizational skills of a wizard. She and her team do a fantastic job every year. Cari is one of the main reasons we continue to do the Ligonier Country Market for all twenty weeks.

We are very excited about the upcoming weekend. It is a holiday weekend, the weather report sounds perfect, and we will get to try out our new corner setup. Last weekend we set up for rain, and it was a good thing we did. This weekend, we will have our tables in an L shape out front with all the things that annoy The Bibbed Wonder and that he deems useless. He continues to argue with me, but my go-to phrase is always “pretty sells.” After all these years, you would think he would learn to comply. Sigh.

The new configuration of the market will take some getting used to. Julia of Aunt Julia’s Donuts is all the way across the market this year. Also, my friends from The Darkside Coffee are on a new aisle. These two amazing friends keep me fueled during the market season. It is going to take me a bit to become comfortable with their new placement. However, I saw many more friendly faces since I must walk so far. That is a positive.

This year there are more than 130 vendors. The friendly, familiar faces remain, but there are many new additions to welcome. There is something for everyone at the Ligonier Country Market. If you are looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, The Ligonier Country Market is a lovely destination. Once finished with the market, going into town and checking out all the little boutiques, eateries, and the beautiful town center is worthwhile. Ligonier is a charming little town, and the surrounding area is gorgeous.

I hope to see you this weekend at The Ligonier Country Market. My advice is to come early, wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers, bring your appetite, and having cash on hand helps to make purchasing easier. As always, stay safe, be smart, come out and enjoy an amazing farmer’s market, and keep washing your hands.

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