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There Is Sanctity In Autonomy

Independence, by definition, is the fact or state of being independent. I feel as though we, as Americans, have forgotten what it truly means to be independent. Our government has created programs to bolster every area of one’s life and livelihood. From controlling substances, enforcing medical care and coverage, and monitoring food sources and what we put into our bodies, there is a law or regulation to govern all aspects. There are times I feel we are no longer free people.

I may be old-fashioned and romantic, but I long for the days when we took care of ourselves. There is sanctity in autonomy. The American dream of building something from nothing, rising above one’s struggles to overcome and succeed, and bettering one’s station in life through hard work, dedication, and education have fallen by the wayside. We are moving toward a society relying on our government to care for our problems, handle our personal issues, and take care of our business. This is a slippery slope; we are sliding, relinquishing our control.

I do not affiliate with any one political party. I affiliate with my beliefs, and no one party embodies my beliefs. I believe we as human beings should be in control of our lives, bodies, and livelihood. As human beings, we should care for our own and those in our community who need a hand getting back on their feet if they suffer a setback. I don’t believe a political figure should decide my fate, station in life, health care, or control my food.

Perhaps it is a manifestation of my control issues, but there are simply areas of my life that no one should have any say over but me. I would not relinquish control to my husband, employer, or a politician. In my simple thought process, all this political nonsense is about power. The saying, control the food, control the people is true. That is why I advocate the small family farm. Grow your own crops or know your grower, so you don’t have to rely upon political entities. Take charge of your family’s health and well-being.

This, too, is why I believe options are so important. My motivation for creating wholesome, clean products is to offer those who choose it options outside the mainstream market. One should be able to choose what one puts on one’s body. This is also why I advocate the education of ingredients. Once one is armed with knowledge, one can decide what is best. Once one is armed with knowledge, no one can take that power away.

There is sanctity in autonomy. As of late, hot button topics are popping up everywhere. Despite your moral or religious beliefs, ask yourself, does my government really have the right to have a say in this matter? Ask yourself what the actual simplistic role of my government is and whether my government is fulfilling that role or overreaching. Not all situations are the same. As with all individuals, an individual’s needs, motivations, and experiences cannot all fit into the same box. Some problems simply aren’t my business. It’s not my place to judge, rule, or dictate. The same can be said for the government.

If given the opportunity, most individuals can make good choices. If necessary, most individuals can think for themselves, provide for themselves, overcome adversity, grow and improve. Most communities can come together when necessary to solve problems and fulfill needs. We are intelligent, strong, resilient people who should welcome true independence. We need to believe in ourselves, each other, and our country…not rely upon our government to think for us, tell us what we believe, and what is right. There is sanctity in autonomy.

On this upcoming celebration of independence, ask yourself what it means to be independent? Next, ask yourself if our country is meeting those ideals? I think you will be surprised with what you come up with, but the glory of this country is you are free to think for yourself. You are free to express your ideas. You are free to walk away from what you don’t like. You are free, and so is your neighbor. We all have a right to experience the same freedoms. It doesn’t matter if you agree with your neighbor. The glory is that you are free to disagree. However, it is never okay to ignore the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated.

Happy Independence Day, my intelligent, capable, independent reader. You, with your varied thoughts, beliefs, and values, make up the fabric of our country. I appreciate all of you and your ideas. There is sanctity in autonomy. Stay safe, be smart, be independent, and wash your hands…if you so choose, with whatever soap you choose. Happy 4th of July!

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