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To Say We Appreciate You Is Not Enough

Saturday, dear reader, was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous, and that alone was a miracle. I must admit, I was sweating as I watched the forecast all week. However, we were blessed with a beautiful day. My vendor friends made it, with a few bumps in the road, quite literally, for some. However, just like I knew they would, they showed up, were the picture of grace and professionalism, and made it through the day. We had a few no-shows and a few cancellations due to health concerns. We wish our friends health, peace, and healing. At the end of the day, my feet hurt from walking around, and my face was tired from smiling. You know it's a good day when your face is tired from smiling.

First, let me begin by saying thank you to our friends who helped us for the day. We could not do what we do, speak to as many soap family members, or greet new visitors without the help of Jenna, Jordan, Raylee, and Steph. They gave up their day to help us out. Raylee and Jenna gave up their week/weekend to help us prepare. We are the most fortunate people to have individuals who happily and willingly show up for us no matter what. Good people indeed surround us.

No less important are my vendor friends who risk a coveted free Saturday to spend a few hours with us in a hay field. They risk their time, effort, and freedom to take a chance with weather, crowd attendance, and creature comforts to support us and our little farm dream. Thank each and everyone who willingly and happily spends their time with us twice a year to bring a bit of handmade goodness to our area. They drive from far and near to be with us. To say we appreciate you cannot begin to explain how we feel about you all. Thank you.

Finally, to the ones who come out in the wind, cool temperatures, and possible rain showers to support my little community of artisan friends, you rock. My friends love to come set up just for the crowd. All my vendor friends have commented on the lovely crowd attending our event. You all are polite, respectful, considerate, and genuinely interested in the artist, their creations, and the process. We are so proud to call you our soap family. Thank you for helping us to realize our dream of a farmer's market on the farm. It makes it easy to enjoy a day when surrounded by amazing people who love and support you. Again, to say we appreciate you and your support is not enough. I have no words, and that's saying something because I always have words...insert a wink.

Hot Ash Wood Fired Pizza knocked it out of the park with delicious food and great service. I tried the pickle pizza, the margarita, the pepperoni, the white, and the chicken ranch, and everyone was delicious. We loved having them, and they said they would like to return next year. I consider it a successful day if other vendors ask to return. We will happily and heartily welcome them back next fall.

My dear friend Julia and her crew of merry donut makers did a fantastic job, as always. Julia could set up alone in a field, and people would come from far and wide to eat her delicious creations. The Eric Special was well received, and The Bibbed Wonder has been intolerable with his fat head over having a donut named after him. He continues to tell me he is somewhat of a big deal and pulls out the menu picture to prove it. He makes me tired. We are grateful to Julia and her crew for supporting our little event.

We were able to welcome our soap family and chat for a bit. However, I find that I never have as much time to talk and greet people as I would like. We were on the move the entire time, and seeing so many friendly and familiar faces was so good. We were introduced to several new faces and welcome you to the family. My goal with our company and products is to put a smile on someone's face, even for a split second. You all returned the favor tenfold on Saturday. Having a day when your face hurts from smiling so much is a real blessing. Thank you all for making that happen.

On this chilly fall day, stay safe, be smart, know you are a blessing, you make my world a better place, and keep washing your hands.

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