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Trust the Process and Embrace the Path

The Bibbed Wonder made a friend. Now, my dear bibbed overall-wearing husband is indeed personable, funny, and I might even say charming, but he claims to be anti-social and not good with people. There are times when I would agree that he isn't good with people. These people are mostly me, and the times I would say this are when he does things like cut down my trees, squelch my good ideas, and sticks his finger under my nose, asking me what he scratched last. That's not charming; that's not charming at all. I view him and his behavior as I do my child's behaviors. I might add my child behaves much better than her father...if he has to act out, at least he saves his bad behavior for me. Lucky me. However, I digress.

The Bibbed Wonder spent every Thursday this summer going to the Murrysville Farmers Market. He went alone. I usually don't permit him to go places where he must represent me because he can't be trusted. Does he pocket cash? No. Does he act unprofessionally? No. No, he can't be trusted because he makes up ridiculous stories about me and why I am not in attendance. He tells people I say things like, "You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning." He also likes to make up stories that I am not in attendance because I have been arrested...again. These stories all involve my being intoxicated and at Walmart. He tells people my picture is posted in every Walmart in the tri-state area for cleptomania, but I have no respect for the law when I am drunk, and I refuse to stay out of Walmart. These stories often end with me yelling, "Don't taze me, bro!" being tazed, dragged out in handcuffs, and peeing my pants. That's not one of his more charming qualities either. Perhaps, charming as a description is a stretch. However, again I digress.

After returning home from the Murrysville Market every week, he talked about a nice little girl who came with her mom. This little girl bought a bar of soap every week. As the weeks went on, The Bibbed Wonder began chatting with her mom, and they became friendly. This little girl made a real impression on Eric, and he began asking me to put together little odds and ends for his "little buddy." We came to find out that his little buddy adored our soap and enjoyed the antics and stories of The Bibbed Wonder. Eric had noticed a few things over time, that made him think his little buddy might have some health issues. As the season progressed, her mom shared with Eric that she does indeed have health issues. She enjoys our soaps because they are a treat for her. She cannot eat whatever she likes, like most kids, and our soap was her weekly treat. However, she refuses to use it. Instead, she lines them up on her dresser and likes to look at them. When Eric told me this, we began making up little bags of seconds or ends, so his little buddy could actually use the soap without breaking up her collection. I had never met his little buddy, but I felt like I knew her well from Eric sharing her stories with me. In my book, any kid that loves my soap is more than okay with me.

Yesterday, I got to meet Eric's little buddy. Her dad brought her up to the farm, and they spent the morning with us. Eric's little buddy has a name, Addison. Addison is right around The Bean's age. After spending the morning together, we can't refer to Addison as Eric's little buddy anymore. We now must refer to her as Jordan's friend. The girls were like two peas in a pod. They really hit it off and became fast friends. Jordan was elated to have made a new friend, and plans were made for Addison to return when the baby goats were born. After spending the morning with Addison's dad, The Bibbed Wonder truly did make a new friend as well.

I am always amazed at the goodness and light that soap has brought into our lives. So many of the people who buy our soap quickly fall into the category of friend. I never in a million years believed I would be milking goats, making soaps and moisturizers, and selling them to the public. This encourages me to trust the process, trust the path, and believe everything will be better than okay. We are grateful to have Addison and her dad in our lives. We are also grateful for those who support us, follow us, keep us encouraged, and now fall into the category of friend. You have no idea how much we appreciate you.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, embrace the process, love the path, and count your blessings, and of course, wash your hands.

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