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Trying Something New

For the upcoming holiday season, we have decided to try something new. The older I get, the more I appreciate simplicity. We racked our brains, trying to figure out a way to offer a one-stop option for those busy and harried gift-givers. Through the brainstorming process, we knew we needed to keep things simple, luxurious, and worth the effort. We have gone back and forth for almost two years, kicking around ideas to execute this plan. In a moment of clarity, we decided to create a gift basket option, make it simple for you and us, and create something truly wow-worthy. After all, if it doesn't wow you and make you smile, is it really worth the effort?

Our website platform limits our abilities. With any platform, this is an issue. We are limited on our sale options, how many promotions we can offer at one time, and the details of said promotions. For example, we cannot run three or more specials at once. We can only offer a limited number of promo codes and can't get too detailed about discount options. It's somewhat limiting and sometimes frustrating, but we deal with the hand we are dealt...for now.

Ideally, we would offer a choose-your-own gift basket option. However, that is simply too much for our platform to handle. We are trusting that you, dear reader, trust us to select and create a one-of-a-kind gift basket for your gift-giving pleasure. Each basket will be created with the utmost care and thought. We will package, include a handwritten note, and mail the package to whoever is the lucky receiver. Each gift box contains four soaps and two moisturizers. We have found beautiful, simple, and elegant gift boxes for packaging, and I am thrilled with the presentation.

Our gift boxes are not limited to gift-giving. We field dozens of requests to donate baskets to various charities each year. We are always happy to contribute to a worthy cause and fulfill as many requests as possible. We never make a big production about donating. You will never see us using charitable events as a form of self-promotion. My family always gave quietly and anonymously. My dad believed that the moment one gives and expects accolades or applause, it ceases to be a good deed. It becomes an act of self-promotion. The Bibbed Wonder and I hold the same beliefs. As knowledge about our little company grows, we find we are fielding more and more requests for donations. It has reached a rate that I must limit the number of charitable donations we can afford to make annually. I would love to be able to give to each and every organization, but we are too small to do this and keep our doors open. It has been a difficult decision to make. We keep our process simple; it is first come, first serve, and we have to decline politely when we reach our limit.

However, if you have a charity you wish to donate a basket to, we are thrilled to create a basket for you and send it to your organization. We also offer a fundraising option and will happily work with your organization to create a profitable and successful fundraiser. This is our effort to give back, make gift-giving easy, and keep our lights on. Our gift basket option will soon be available in the products section of our website. Stay tuned, dear reader; we have more ideas ready to launch very shortly.

On this overcast fall day, stay safe, be smart, keep it simple, try our gift box idea, and keep washing your hands.

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