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Tuesday Spot Light: Moonlight Sonata

It’s once again, Tuesday. Is it me or do the weeks seem to be flying by? It is once again time for a new Tuesday Spotlight. This week, I have decided to give my special, seasonal soap, Moonlight Sonata, one last hoorah. I have adored everything about this soap. From the creative process, to the actual creation, to telling it’s sad and lovely story here and at market, this soap is in my top five of all-time favorite soaps.

I am not a floral girl…unless it’s lavender…I love all things lavender. However, this is the soap and moisturizer I have been using all summer. In the studio, when I smell its rich, nostalgic scent, I think, “Oh, this is lovely!” In a warm, steamy shower, this scent is divinely intoxicating. I, with my extra-large nares (medical speak for nostrils…I looked it up), pick up on the gardenia when the swirling steam morphs this into soap into a wondrous, intoxicating perfume. It is romantic, sophisticated, and timeless.

Seriously, who does not want to smell like an A deck passenger on the Titanic? If you haven’t read or heard the story, this soap and moisturizer are the exact scent replica of the perfume that was handed out to female A Deck passengers on the Titanic. When the wreckage was explored, one small bottle was discovered fully intact at the bottom of the ocean. Perfumers were able to take a few drops of the remnants and decipher the perfumes make-up. Thus, giving me the opportunity to create this beautiful and inspired soap and moisturizer.

Let us discuss the benefits of this lovely creation. The base of the soap is black as night, provided by the use of organic activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is wonderful for odor prevention, helping to pull environmental toxins from the pores, and gently exfoliating. This has been a lovely soap to use in the heat of summer. Not only does it incorporate activated charcoal, I had to include cruelty free Tussah silk fibers for a lux lather and extra boost of moisture building. It leaves one’s skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The essential oils used are more complex than what I normally do, but they provide healthy benefits as well as a gorgeous scent. This soap is truly luxurious and full of wonderful properties for natural healthy skin care.

I am thinking ahead for gift giving for the holidays. I have already begun to Christmas shop for my bean. If anyone remembers, I dropped the ball miserably for Easter. I have vowed not to allow this to happen again, so my head is in gift giving mode. This is merely a suggestion; how lovely would it be to give someone who is a fan of all things Titanic the opportunity to experience the scents of the fated and beloved ship? A copy of the movie, Titanic, a sweatshirt from Belfast, where the floating paradise was built, and a copy of the book Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage by Hugh Brewster, along with a Moonlight Sonata soap and moisturizer would make a thoughtful, entertaining, and educational gift. I really hope The Bibbed Wonder reads this blog post…

As always, the Tuesday Spot Light is on sale this week. You will find it on the website for 50% off. Also, we will offer the 50% off discount at the Murrysville and Ligonier Farmer’s Market.

Dear reader, I am still saying it and will continue to say it until we are out of the woods; Stay safe, stay smart, enjoy the discount, and please keep washing your hands…not only is there this annoying virus thing, we will also be moving into flu season. Yay, 2020! Said with humor…

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