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Tuesday Spotlight: All Things "Manly"

Today's Tuesday Spotlight is a bit different than usual. Usually, we choose one soap and moisturizer, discuss its benefits, and then place that soap and moisturizer on sale for the week. Today, we have decided to discuss and place not one but three favorite "manly" soaps on sale in honor of Father's Day.

If we are honest, we all wish the men in our lives smelled good. However, this is not always the case. Take one bib overall wearing wonder buns, for example. He is hygienic; this is true. He showers daily, sometimes multiple times a day. However, there are days when he smells more like a barnyard animal than a man. If I'm frank, sometimes the barnyard animals are less boarish in their behavior than he, but I digress. With the hard work that he does, it's not possible for him to smell "just showered fresh." The Bibbed Wonder has three soaps that he considers his favorites and just manly enough to be worthy of all his bibbed wonderness.

Listing them in order of preference first is Orange Sandalwood. Orange Sandalwood is The Bibbed Wonder's all-time favorite soap. He likes the fragrance, which is mild, slightly soft, and a bit citrusy. However, the activated charcoal in the soap is what he believes makes all the difference. The activated charcoal is believed to pull impurities from the pores of one's skin. My bibbed wonder says he feels extra clean after using this particular soap.

Second in preference is The Manly Man. Eric really likes the blend of musk and sandalwood and feels this is a distinctly "manly" scent. When creating this soap, he requested that activated charcoal be incorporated into it as well. There is just something about this man and his charcoal. However, being that he makes very few requests, of course, I complied. We also incorporate Tussah silk fibers to make this bar a bit more lux and add an element of pampering. Although he will never admit it, even a bib overall wearing wonder enjoys a bit of pampering.

The third and last on the list is The Woodsman. The Woodsman is a beautiful blend of ylang-ylang, cedarwood, sandalwood, and a hint of patchouli to give it that earthy quality. The Woodsman is one of my favorites as well. Although it does not include activated charcoal, it is a beautifully cleansing bar with a rich, dense lather. I have absolutely no complaints when The Bibbed Wonder exits the shower smelling of any of these three soaps. The scents they create are an improvement over any scent he is capable of creating on his own. And let's face it, he takes great pleasure in creating his own scents and sharing them. Again, I digress.

In honor of The Bibbed Wonder and Father's Day, all three soaps will be on sale for 50% off this week. Whether you are looking for gift ideas, making a subtle request for scent improvement, or simply enjoy great smelling soaps, this is a good week to stock up on all classically masculine soaps. As always, stay safe, be smart, and wash your hands...and any other germy parts.

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