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Tuesday Spotlight: Almond and Milk

Today, the spotlight shines upon our soap family favorite, Almond and Milk. Almond is our second most popular soap, only taking a backseat to Milk and Honey. Our Almond and Milk bar is a luxurious creation that begins with our farm-fresh goat's milk. Each of our small batches of goat's milk soap begins with almost five pounds of fresh, raw milk from our well-loved ladies. We also use skin-loving oils like olive, coconut, and castor oil for emulsion and lather.

All the ingredients in our soaps can be found in the average pantry. We keep it simple, pure, and non-fussy and make our soaps using tried-and-true ingredients. We don't cut corners and never change ingredients for less expensive options. Frankly, there are enough cheap, chemical-laden products on the market. My soap family deserves the best. If you are here and reading this blog, you are my people, and I will take care of you—pinky promise.

Our Almond and Milk soap and moisturizer smell divine. If you love the scent of almond extract when baking, you will love our almond and milk products. This lovely bar is just as pretty as it is deliciously scented. Almond blossoms inspire the soft pink. Although not on sale this week, our new almond-scented foaming hand soap rounds out our Almond and Milk collection. I gently suggest purchasing all three for a lovely hostess gift, bridal shower gift, or birthday gift. The delightful scent and soft pink are pure femininity. Pair our products with a sweet pink hand towel, an almond-scented candle, and a simple soap deck, and you have the perfect gift.

Stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands on this gorgeous summer-like day.

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