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Tuesday Spotlight: Cozy

Today's spotlight is on our new seasonal soap, Cozy. My main muse, The Bean, inspired Cozy. We opted to do cyber school this year due to Jordan's severe asthma and the situation's uncertainty. Although we did not do our traditional back to school shopping, she continues to grow, and I continue to shop for her. Rather than cute dresses, stylish jeans, and trendy outfits, she has requested "cozy" clothes. Cozy as defined by The Bean as anything soft, warm, comforting, and easy to move in. We created a soft, warm, comforting scent of ginger, grapefruit, and sandalwood for our cozy soap and lotion. It is soft yet warm and refreshing. It's a lovely clean scent that has turned into a well-loved favorite in our household.

The color inspiration comes from well worn, well-loved favorites like jeans worn and faded to the perfect color and softness, a favorite flannel shirt, or a softly aged cotton quilt. Colors that are soothing, muted, and fresh. Cozy is the perfect soap for the season with the cold front moving in and bringing us back to traditional November temperatures. As always, the soap and moisturizer will be half off on the website for the week. There is no promo code needed. Cozy would make a great stocking stuffer or gift. I am all about useful gifts this year; there is nothing more luxurious yet useful than soap and moisturizer. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, and wash your hands...with Cozy goat's milk soap.

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