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Tuesday Spotlight: Duck Fart

My Tuesday Spotlight thus far have been informative and useful. I am at a point, where I think I need to just talk about something fun. Let’s discuss Duck Fart. How did you come up with such a name you may ask? The honest answer is I have a child who is enamored with all thing’s flatulence related. Jordan was eight when I began making soap. Being my constant buddy and companion, she too wanted to create soap. The very first soap she created was Sunshine Fun, a rudimentary layered bar of grass green, sunshine yellow, and blue and white swirls for clouds. I was just beginning to learn about the benefits of essential oils and she created an original blend of rose geranium oil with sweet orange. It was an unusual blend but she was thrilled. Once I really began to research soap making, essential oils, and naturally distilled fragrance oils, she too was learning as we went. She soon discovered the endless opportunities of fragrance oils. I am not a fan, at least I was not a fan until I discovered a few small mom and pop companies that create natural fragrance oils and blends. Once we sampled a few of the blends and learned about the distillation process and properties, we were hooked.

Thus, the kid’s line of our soaps was born, Happy Kidd Soaps: Soaps made by a kid for kids…her own motto…beaming proud mama moment. We agreed there would be nothing harmful or artificial but she has free reign over the creative process and the final say in the final product…within reason of course. Duck Fart is one of her original creations. She chose the colors yellow, for the duck, orange for the duck’s beak, blue for the water the duck swims in, and white for the mama duck that is always by her side. Seriously, she makes me so proud. The scent of Duck Fart is actually very fun and pleasant. It is a cross between orange soda and vanilla. It is a fun, fruity scent that attracts as many adults as it does children.

We have a friend who is roughly the size of a linebacker and his favorite, go to soap is Duck Fart. Regardless of whether you are 8 or 80, Duck Fart is a win. Not only will you smell incredible and have healthy skin, you’ll be able to tell all who ask that you are wearing Duck Fart. That is definitely an interesting conversation starter. I recommend Duck Fart to anyone who enjoys a fun fruity scent. Not only is it bright, happy and delicious smelling, it has all the healthful benefits of our natural goat’s milk soap.

If you are interested in sampling the rest of Happy Kidd Soaps, I also recommend Toasted Marshmallow, Coo-Coo Banana, and To The Moon and Back.

**Please remember although natural and fun, products scented with essential oils and natural fragrance oils are recommended for children ages 3 and up. Think about that the next time you consider using mass produced, baby scented wash on your little one. It’s just food for thought from a soap maker and her awesome daughter.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, have some fun, and keep washing those hands…we’re not out of the woods yet.

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