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Tuesday Spotlight: Duck Fart

Our Tuesday Spotlight is on the ever-popular Duck Fart soap and moisturizer. Don't let the name throw you off; Duck Fart is an amazing soap with a fresh, sweet, orange scent. I'm not sure what possessed The Bean to name this sweet-smelling soap such a funny name, but it definitely creates a lot of conversation.

Duck Fart was created by The Bean when I first began making soap. She decided on the color, the scent, and the name. Although a dear friend tried to dissuade her from naming it such, as always, The Bean knew what she wanted and stuck to her decision. Although it is the name that draws one's attention, it is the scent that seals the deal. The scent is almost like orange soda pop. Duck Fart has a sweet orange vanilla scent that is not too sweet and also fresh and clean.

One would think children would be the vast audience for this soap and moisturizer, but we have many adults who buy this for their personal use. Overall, it is just a fun scent with bright, fun colors and filled with nutrient-rich ingredients. As always, our fresh raw goat's milk is the main ingredient. When combined with olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, and a touch of castor oil, this is a moisture-rich bar that is simple and clean.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half off on the website. Please enjoy the savings and have a little fun. Stay safe, stay smart, use soap that makes you smile, and keep washing your hands.

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