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Tuesday Spotlight: Everything Milk and Honey

Our Tuesday Spotlight is on everything Milk and Honey today. Our Milk and Honey products are some of the most gentle and nourishing of all we offer. We begin each recipe with our fresh, raw goat's milk. We incorporate moisturizing oils of olive, coconut, castor, and canola. We then add in local raw honey harvested from local hives. This soap has a rich, lovely lather and a beautiful soft scent. Rather than limit our spotlight to just one soap, we have decided to spotlight all our Milk and Honey Products. This includes Milk and Honey, Milk, Honey, and Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Shave Soap, and Milk and Honey Moisturizer.

Whether you are a fan of Milk and Honey, or someone who would like to try a new scent, now is a great time to stock up, send a gift, or try something new. As always, our Tuesday Spotlight is on sale on our site for half off. All orders over $50 ship for free. We hope this Tuesday Spotlight puts a smile on your face. Have a wonderful day,

dear reader. Stay safe, stay smart, enjoy a bargain, and wash your hands.

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