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Tuesday Spotlight: Facial Bars and Facial Moisturizer

Our Tuesday Spotlight shines upon our line-up of facial bars and facial moisturizer. Our facial products are made with only pure, clean, natural ingredients. We now offer three facial bars, and our facial moisturizer works well for all skin types and conditions. Caring for one's skin does not have to be complicated or filled with multiple products. I do best with a simple routine of washing my face with a gentle cleansing soap bar and moisturizing twice a day. In the past, I have used elaborate and expensive skincare systems, but I find my skin does just as well, if not better, when I keep it simple and stay consistent.

We make three facial bars, all with specific skin types in mind. Although I make no medical claims, some people with certain skin issues find relief from using natural products. First, there is the Activated Charcoal bar. This bar is formulated with oily or troubled skin in mind. Activated charcoal and tea tree oil are believed to help alleviate redness, fight acne-causing bacteria, and balance skin. This bar is gentle enough to use every day. The Activated Charcoal bar can be drying, so I suggest using our Facial Moisturizer with it as well.

We also offer our Rose Clay Facial Bar for those with more mature skin. French rose clay is a gentle exfoliant filled with free radicals to fight the aging process. We also use rose geranium essential oil and frankincense essential oil for their skin-loving qualities and anti-aging properties. I recommend using this bar twice a day, followed by our Facial Moisturizer.

We also offer a new Shea Butter Facial Bar for those with sensitive skin. This gentle bar has a shea butter base with no scent and no essential oils. It is just a pure, simple soap that is gentle and moisturizing. This is the bar I am currently using, and I love how my face feels. I also recommend following with our Facial Moisturizer.

As always, our Tuesday Spotlight is 50% off on our website. We will also honor our discount at The Ligonier Country Market on Saturday. However, quantities at the market are limited, and we often sell out. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, wash your face and moisturize, and of course, wash your hands.

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