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Tuesday Spotlight: Honey Yogurt Bee Bars

It is again time for the Tuesday Spotlight. It does seem as though the weeks are flying by, and the days are a blur. Today's spotlight is on the Honey Yogurt Bee Bar. The Honey Yogurt Bee Bar was The Bibbed Wonders idea. Eric doesn't often make suggestions for soaps or scents, and when he does, I feel like I need to follow through with bringing his ideas to fruition. To this day, I still struggle with creating a thick, creamy yogurt. Although I am a bit better at creating a consistent product, I am by far an expert. I believe my bib overall wearing prankster/irritant came up with yet another yogurt bar just to spite me. He tells me all the time I make his life hard...insert eye roll. I think this is his way of paying me back for all my amazingly creative ideas I throw his way...insert secret smile. Regardless of the motivation, this has turned out to be a lovely bar and a customer favorite.

The Honey Yogurt Bee Bar is our standard recipe with the additions of fresh, handmade goat's milk yogurt and fresh local honey. This bar has a thick, rich lather, an amazing scent, and is ultra-moisturizing. When I use a yogurt bar, I can forego using moisturizer. I love how soft my skin feels after each use. I feel like these bars are extra special because they are not only filled with fresh goodness, but they are beautiful as well. We don't have many decorative molds we use, but I could not pass up the opportunity to incorporate this when I found it. There are four beautiful bee scenes to choose from, and each is detailed and lovely. I know we just got Christmas under our belts, but Valentine's Day is fast approaching. The Honey Yogurt Bee Bar paired with the Milk and Honey moisturizer would be a lovely gift for a special friend or loved one. It is at a lovely price point too. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is 50% off on the site this week.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, enjoy a wonderful soap and moisturizer, and keep washing your hands.

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