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Tuesday Spotlight: Irish Heather and End of the Rainbow

Happy Tuesday. Today we will shine our spotlight on our new seasonal soaps for March, Irish Heather, and End of the Rainbow. These are two new scents we have created with early spring and St. Patrick's Day in mind. Early spring is always a bit of a mixed bag here in Western Pennsylvania. In one day, we can have the full spectrum of weather patterns. More often than not, the days are overcast and grey. We created something new, bright, and uplifting to us make it through these grey days.

Irish Heather has a beautiful appearance with a fresh green base and a lovely heather purple color. However, the scent is what makes this bar so uplifting and unique. Irish Heather smells like a field of wildflowers after a warm spring shower. Not only is it a beautiful floral, but it is also a bit green in its base note. Every time I catch this scent wafting through the air in the studio, I am reminded of my visit to Ireland. We incorporated our fresh raw goat's milk for its nourishing properties and Tussah silk fibers to make this bar a bit more special and luxurious.

End of the Rainbow is a bright, happy, fresh, and invigorating bar created by The Bean. It uses all the rainbow colors, with a soft cloud of white-topped off by glowing gold. It is a beautiful bar, and the scent is fresh, happy, and mildly citrusy. This bar has become my new seasonal favorite, and I look forward to my morning shower. Again, we have chosen to add Tussah silk fibers to our nourishing recipe to create a lovely silky experience.

As always, both the soaps and the moisturizer are half off on the website for the week. This is an opportunity to try something new, send a St. Patty's Day smile, and pamper your skin before warm weather officially arrives. Dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, and keep washing your hands.

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