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Tuesday Spotlight: Lavender and Lavender & Oatmeal

Today’s Tuesday Spotlight is shining on our Lavender and Lavender & Oatmeal soaps. Lavender essential oil is believed to have calming effects and is often used to stress relief and relaxation. However, lavender essential oil is also thought to have healing properties and beneficial properties for one’s skin. Whether used for aroma therapy or healing purposes, lavender essential oil remains one of the most popular scents in the soap and perfume industry.

We use a beautiful Bulgarian essential oil in our lavender and lavender & oatmeal soaps. This lovely oil creates an amazing soap when blended with raw goat’s milk and skin-loving oils. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight products are half-off exclusively on the website for the week. No promo code is needed, and the savings will be applied at checkout. On this dreary December Tuesday, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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