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Tuesday Spotlight: Mermaid Splash

Mermaid Splash is the focus of our Tuesday Spotlight. Mermaid Splash is a seasonal creation and smells like a tropical vacation. The Bean created Mermaid Splash with all those who are a mermaid at heart in mind. It is extra rich with Tussah silk fibers added to our moisture-dense original recipe. Not only will it nourish your skin with all the goodness of our natural soap, but you can add some additional sparkle to your day with our matching glittery moisturizer.

Whether you are four or a hundred and four, a little extra sparkle is a good thing. Mermaid Splash will be on sale for ½ price on the website all this week. It is a wonderful opportunity to try something new, add one last bit of summer to your life, or surprise a mermaid you may know and love. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and wash your hands-perhaps with a glittery mermaid soap.

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