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Tuesday Spotlight: Milk and Honey

Just in time for holiday gift giving, our Tuesday Spotlight is shining on our soap family favorite, Milk and Honey. This week, our Milk and Honey, Milk, Honey, & Oatmeal, Honey Yogurt Bee Bar, and Milk and Honey Moisturizer are half off on the website. Not only does this soap smell amazing, but it is also filled with natural ingredients that are gentle, safe, and nourishing for one’s skin.

We use local raw honey to make all our bars. Honey has been used for centuries to heal wounds, minor scrapes and cuts, and even gunshot wounds. In my soap, it makes a lovely addition because the natural sugars increase the lather. I love all our milk and honey soaps, but the traditional milk and honey bar is my favorite.

In addition to local raw honey, we also incorporate other natural and organic ingredients. I continue to make goat’s milk yogurt for all our yogurt bars. Although I struggled with making yogurt initially, I have found that the secret to rich, thick yogurt is patience. Patience is not one of my strengths. I keep yogurt cultures on hand and make small batches of yogurt as needed. This means the yogurt is always fresh, less than twenty-four hours old fresh. I’m not sure freshness makes a difference, but it makes me feel good to know I make it from scratch, and it’s literally straight from the goat.

We also incorporate organic oatmeal into our oatmeal bars. I buy organic oats in bulk and grind them in the blender as we need them for soap making. Using organic ingredients just makes sense to me. If I take the time to make soaps filled with natural, fresh, raw ingredients, I will go the extra mile and use organic ingredients when available.

Our milk and honey line of soaps is my go-to for gift-giving. It’s more exciting than unscented products but gentle enough if someone has skin issues or allergies. I consider our milk and honey products the safest gift-giving option. They are gentle, smell amazing, and make a lovely presentation. Anytime I need a hostess gift, I put together a collection of our milk and honey products, a pretty hand towel or tea towel, honey candies, honey wine, or a honey-scented candle. I am old school and don’t believe in attending an event empty-handed.

With just twelve days to go before the big day, you’ve got a small window to ensure you get your package in time. Don’t wait too much longer to buy those last-minute gifts. As always, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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