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Tuesday Spotlight: Orange, Clove and Cinnamon, The Manly Man, and The Woodsman

Our Tuesday Spotlight shines upon our Orange, Clove Cinnamon, Manly Man, and Woodsman on this beautiful October morning. Although we consider these scents more masculine, they are appreciated by all. As the weather turns, temperatures drop, and leaves change; these scents embrace this lovely time of year.

Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon essential oils blend to create a warm, comforting, and fresh soap. This soap reminds me of the pomanders I made as a kid. This time of year, I often place oranges, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks in a simmering pot on the stove to give our farmhouse a warm and welcoming fragrance. This soap creates the same cozy feeling in your shower and gives one’s skin a mild warm scent all day.

The Manly Man soap is The Bibbed Wonder’s favorite. It is a sensual, warm scent that blends Egyptian musk oil, amber, and sandalwood. The Manly Man is the scent I imagine hotties like Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney give off naturally. However, feel free to fill in your favorite leading man’s name. Sigh. Not only does this soap smell amazing, but it also uses activated charcoal, goat’s milk, and skin-loving oils to cleanse and nourish the skin.

Last but not least is our Woodsman soap. This soap was a labor of love and my first effort at creating an original scent. This soap has a ylang-ylang base with hints of sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli. It is masculine enough for any tough guy and soft enough for the more feminine sex. It is warm, sensual, and a tad sexy. My bib overall wearing wonder buns smells yummy when he showers with this soap.

As always, our Tuesday Spotlight is half-off exclusively on the website. No promo code is needed, and savings will be applied at check-out. It’s a great time to stock up on a favorite, try something new, or purchase a gift for someone special. Stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands on this lovely October day.

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