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Tuesday Spotlight: Patchouli

Patchouli takes center stage for our Tuesday Spotlight. Patchouli has a bit of a cult following and with good reason. Patchouli has a rich, earthy scent and it seems as if one either loves it or hates it; there is no middle ground. In my opinion, our patchouli soap is one of the most beautiful soaps we create. It has a lovely color combination of teal, umber brown, white, and a touch of gold.

Patchouli is believed to repel insects, It is also believed to help dermatitis, acne, and dry skin. From an aromatherapy perspective, it is believed to create feelings of relaxation and calm. Patchouli oil is a strong oil with a long-lasting scent. I love how patchouli oil smells on The Bibbed Wonder. If you love rich, earthy scents, patchouli is for you.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half off for the week on the website. It is a good time to stock up on a favorite or try something new. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, and wash your hands.

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