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Tuesday Spotlight: Peppermint Soap

Very early on in my soap making practices, I started with the basics: lavender oil and peppermint oil. I was inexperienced and had only a rudimentary understanding of essential oils with no experience in blending. After hours upon hours of research, talking to my nurse friends, my aesthetician friend, and online courses, I finally got the nerve to begin experimenting. No matter how complex my blends become, there are a few simple basics that are almost always requested. Peppermint is one of those staples that I can say with confidence will always be in my line-up of soaps.

Initially, I thought peppermint soap was used mainly for feet. I know, I feel silly admitting that. However, the only time I bought peppermint soap or lotion was for at home pedicures. Don’t misunderstand me, peppermint is wonderful for tired or odorous feet but it is also good for other healthful purposes.

My most common use for peppermint soap and lotion now is when Jordan has a migraine. She suffers from migraines several times a month, usually when school is in and stress is high…this concerns me because this began when she was only eight or so. However, peppermint or the blend of peppermint and lavender oil in the diffuser, peppermint soap in a soaking bath and peppermint lotion rubbed on her temples seems to sooth her migraine. I’m not sure it isn’t the relaxing ritual we follow or perhaps a combination of the two but it works for her, along with her prescribed medicines. She does not care for the tingly feeling peppermint creates on the skin so we don’t use it in bath salts or put lotion on her body. It’s a personal preference.

Peppermint has long been believed to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Peppermint has been thought to relieve inflammation, sooth irritated skin, and help with blemishes. Peppermint oil is a drying oil and should not be used on itchy, dry skin. It has odor fighting properties and is a wonderful soap for athletes, those who perspire heavily, and those who enjoy a fresh, invigorating shower.

From a mental perspective, peppermint is uplifting, invigorating, creates a feeling of wakefulness and helps focus. Peppermint is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety while helping to create clarity and focus. I often gift peppermint soap and lotion at the beginning of the school year, to new college students, to expecting mothers and anyone who is suffering from cold or allergy symptoms.

We find in using peppermint soap and lotion we experience relief from colds, allergies or anything sinus related. Most recently, our dog ate something that did not agree with him. I’m not sure which end it come from but there was a large amount with a vomitous odor. Jordan got me a homemade mask and put peppermint lotion on it to help ease the attack on my olfactory. My smart little bean is not only a smart little cookie who thinks on her feet, she is also very thoughtful and considerate. By the way, this helped my plight immensely.

I recommend my goat’s milk and peppermint soap for anyone who enjoys the menthol scent and that refreshing, tingly feeling. Whether you are looking for a new scent to try, a natural way to help with odors of the body, help with stress and anxiety, or need a boost for mental clarity, my peppermint soap won’t disappoint. Feel free to browse on the website and as always, the Tuesday Spotlight is on sale at half off for the remainder of the week.

As always dear reader, continue to stay safe, continue to be smart, continue to experience new things, and continue to wash your hands…its an easy way to beat this pesky virus thing we’ve got going on.

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