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Tuesday Spotlight: Rose

Today’s spotlight is focused on our classic Rose soap and moisturizer. Our Rose soap is a fresh, beautifully classic scent that smells of fresh old-fashioned roses, like those that grow on the side of the road or near old fence lines. The rose oil smells lovely in the jar or bar, but it transforms when used on clean, warm skin. So many soap family members have said they like the scent of the soap and moisturizer, but when used, they adore it.

Like all of our soaps, fresh goat’s milk is the main ingredient. When blended with olive oil and castor oil for moisturizing qualities, coconut oil for cleansing, and canola for bubbles, this soap becomes pure goodness for one’s skin. We keep it simple and pure. As with most things in life, keeping it simple is the best choice.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half-off on the website. With the start of the market season fast approaching, we have decided that the Tuesday Spotlight is exclusively online. Join us at the Ligonier Country Market to partake in our weekly market special. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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