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Tuesday Spotlight: Rose Clay Facial Bar, Activated Charcoal Facial Bar, & Facial Moisturizer

Happy Groundhog Day! Phil has officially called six more weeks of winter. Like Phil, when he sticks his hairy, little rodent face out of his burrow, we too want to put our best face forward. This is why we have decided to put our facial bars and moisturizer on special this week. February is an excellent month to practice a little self-love and beauty maintenance. February is my time to do special skincare practices and a little care.

The Rose Clay Facial Bar is a great beauty bar for mature skin. It is moisturizing, gently exfoliating, and an all-around skin nourishing bar. This is the bar I use both morning and night now. I am happy to report my skincare routine is on track, and I am much better about removing my make-up before bed. I am using the Rose Clay Mask weekly and moisturizing morning and night. I think my skin appreciates my efforts.

Please allow me to add a little disclaimer about the Rose Clay Bar and The Facial Moisturizer. The name comes from the rose-colored french clay that we use as one of the main ingredients. We also use rose geranium oil in both the bar and the moisturizer. There is no essential rose oil used for those with allergy concerns or disdain for the scent of rose. Although rose geranium oil does have a mild rose scent, it dissipates quickly. I choose to use the rose geranium oil for its anti-aging properties and its nourishing properties, not the scent. This bar is all about nourishment. I apologize; I can't make your face smell like a cookie, nor will I attempt to do so. If it doesn't have a reputation and proven results for nourishing skincare, I won't use it in my facial bars.

The Activated Charcoal Facial Bar is recommended for troublesome, acne-prone skin. I have several soap family members who suffer from rosacea. They are quite pleased with the activated charcoal bar's effects and results when they feel a break out coming on. When paired with the Facial Moisturizer, both soaps create easy, low maintenance, nourishing, natural skincare routine. You may choose to add the Rose Clay Mask or the Activated Charcoal Scrub to your weekly routine for an extra boost.

If starting an easy skincare regimen is on your to-do list, now is an excellent time to try the facial bars and the facial moisturizer. All will be half off on the site this week, and free shipping is available on orders over $50. Since we are facing six more weeks of winter, thanks to Phil and his shadow, it's a wonderful time to snuggle in, pamper yourself a bit during these long evenings, and get your skin ready for spring. Inevitably, spring will thanks to that groundhog.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, take care of your skin, and always wash those hands.

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