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Tuesday Spotlight: Simply Goat's Milk

Today our spotlight shines upon the soap that started it all, Simply Goat's Milk. This pure, simple, unscented soap is the very first soap I made and remains a staple in our inventory. I recommend this soap to anyone with skin issues, sensitivity to ingredients, and sensitivity to scents. Simply Goat's Milk is a straightforward, simple bar. The ingredient list is short: goat's milk, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, saponified lard, and lye. Simply Goat's Milk has a wonderful lather, is cleansing, gentle, and nourishing. It's wonderful for those with dry skin or irritated skin. I use it when my eczema flairs, and I have my bean use it when her skin is dry and irritated.

Although it is not fancy, it is a pure, simple soap that is wonderful for cleansing and caring for one's skin. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is 50% off on the website. If you have skin issues or simply want a beautiful bar that doesn't conflict with your perfume, this is a wonderful bar. Remember, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, keep it simple, and wash your hands.

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