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Tuesday Spotlight: Simply Goat's Milk Soap

2020 has been complicated, to say the least. This week we will be leaving 2020 behind, hopefully far behind, and welcoming 2021. With the incoming new year, we thought we would highlight the soap that got us started, Simply Goat's Milk. Simply Goat's Milk was the very first soap I created successfully. It is a simple, pure, unscented soap that is accurately named.

When Simply Goat's Milk was created, I was still making soap in my kitchen. I remember being so intimidated by the entire process. I made sure my ingredient weights were perfect, the temperature of the milk and lye and the melted fats were exact and matching, and I had every ounce of bare skin covered. Today, I am still diligent about the weights and have figured out the range of flexibility in temperature, but I have relaxed a bit with the skin covering. Although, if I begin to feel too cocky, the lye is quick to remind me that I am dealing with a strong caustic chemical.

I also remember the feeling of achievement I felt when 24 hours later, the soap was hard, unmolded successfully, and looked so pure, clean, and simple. That is a feeling I still experience when an idea or a vision comes to fruition. I have come a long way from that simple soap that was created in my kitchen. Now, I find the art of blending oils exciting, and I push myself out of my comfort zone to improve my abilities and create new and unique scents. I also find it therapeutic to try new pouring techniques to create certain looks. I enjoy what I do immensely.

So dear reader, on this last Tuesday of 2020, I offer up my first creation, Simply Goat's Milk Soap. I believe it is important to acknowledge our past so we can continue to move forward in success. Take what works, acknowledge our mistakes, restructure what doesn't work to create something new and beautiful and better. Simply Goat's Milk will be 50% off on the website this week. It is a lovely soap for daily use. It is wonderful for those who have skin issues. I even bathe my big, red dog crush with it. It is also a lovely soap if you don't want to mix scents by using either a scented moisturizer or perfume after your bath or shower.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, acknowledge your past, and keep washing those hands.

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